Match Report -
Single goal enough
By Debbie Taylor

Celtic needed only a single goal to progress through to the next round of the Manchester Premier Cup to face an away tie at Trafford, after substitute Jack Irlam finally made a chance count.

Starting the game quickly, Obua Mugalula almost connected with Brandon Newell’s whipped in cross and Michael Brewster almost bundled a stabbed shot over the line in a melee following a free kick. Almost was the story of the half, the best effort came a minute from the interval, with Mugalula attempting an audacious bicycle-kick, requiring the save of the game from Finlay Madigan.

Ten minutes into the second-half Mossley’s first real chance came when the wind caught Keaton Mulvey’s distant shot, requiring Luke Hewitson to adjust his save mid dive and push the ball around the post. On the hour mark, Joe Edwards was replaced by Jack Irlam, and Irlam immediately took the game by the scruff. Six minutes after entering the pitch, Max Leonard got into the box on Irlam’s through ball, stabbing towards goal. Madigan’s stuck-out leg brought the ball to Irlam who walked the ball over the line.

Mossley finished pressing the Celtic back line, but despite half of their corners coming in the last five minutes, the closest they came to an equaliser was Luke Barlow’s header clearing the bar by a scant few inches.

1Madigan, Finlay  
2Igwenwanne, Joel  
3Sherratt, AdamYellow Card > 89
4Leigh, CallumYellow Card 
5Grundy, Jack  
6Barlow, Luke  
7Mulvey, Keaton  
8Lees, Mark  
9Canara, Oumar  
10Bailey, Eden  > 30
11Banister, Jack  > 74
12Dickin, Josh  
13Thompson, Christopher  
14Richards, Joseph  < 89
15Hickman, Kane  < 30
16Miranda, Daniel  < 74