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League Fixtures
Saturday September 25, 2021
Bamber BridgevMatlock Town
BuxtonvMorpeth Town
Gainsborough TrinityvRadcliffe
Grantham TownvScarborough Athletic
Lancaster CityvAshton United
Nantwich TownvBasford United
South ShieldsvWarrington Town
Stafford RangersvAtherton Collieries
Stalybridge CelticvFC United Of Manchester
Whitby TownvHyde United
Witton AlbionvMickleover FC
Tuesday September 28, 2021
Atherton CollieriesvAshton United
FC United Of ManchestervScarborough Athletic
Gainsborough TrinityvBuxton
Grantham TownvNantwich Town
Hyde UnitedvMorpeth Town
Mickleover FCvBamber Bridge
RadcliffevMatlock Town
South ShieldsvLancaster City
Stafford RangersvWitton Albion
Warrington TownvBasford United
Whitby TownvStalybridge Celtic
Saturday October 02, 2021
Ashton UnitedvRadcliffe
Bamber BridgevWhitby Town
Basford UnitedvHyde United
BuxtonvAtherton Collieries
Lancaster CityvGainsborough Trinity
Matlock TownvFC United Of Manchester
Morpeth TownvWarrington Town
Nantwich TownvSouth Shields
Scarborough AthleticvMickleover FC
Stalybridge CelticvStafford Rangers
Witton AlbionvGrantham Town
Tuesday October 05, 2021
Ashton UnitedvWarrington Town
Bamber BridgevSouth Shields
Basford UnitedvFC United Of Manchester
BuxtonvWhitby Town
Lancaster CityvStafford Rangers
Matlock TownvMickleover FC
Morpeth TownvRadcliffe
Nantwich TownvGainsborough Trinity
Scarborough AthleticvAtherton Collieries
Stalybridge CelticvGrantham Town
Witton AlbionvHyde United
Saturday October 09, 2021
Atherton CollieriesvMatlock Town
FC United Of ManchestervNantwich Town
Gainsborough TrinityvAshton United
Grantham TownvBamber Bridge
Hyde UnitedvLancaster City
Mickleover FCvMorpeth Town
South ShieldsvBasford United
Stafford RangersvScarborough Athletic
Warrington TownvStalybridge Celtic
Whitby TownvWitton Albion
Tuesday October 12, 2021
Bamber BridgevAtherton Collieries
Basford UnitedvBuxton
Grantham TownvMatlock Town
Hyde UnitedvRadcliffe
Lancaster CityvFC United Of Manchester
Mickleover FCvStafford Rangers
Nantwich TownvWarrington Town
South ShieldsvMorpeth Town
Whitby TownvScarborough Athletic
Witton AlbionvAshton United
Saturday October 16, 2021
Ashton UnitedvNantwich Town
Atherton CollieriesvMickleover FC
BuxtonvHyde United
FC United Of ManchestervGrantham Town
Matlock TownvSouth Shields
Morpeth TownvBasford United
RadcliffevLancaster City
Scarborough AthleticvWitton Albion
Stafford RangersvGainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge CelticvBamber Bridge
Warrington TownvWhitby Town
Saturday October 23, 2021
Bamber BridgevAshton United
Basford UnitedvRadcliffe
Gainsborough TrinityvAtherton Collieries
Grantham TownvWarrington Town
Hyde UnitedvScarborough Athletic
Lancaster CityvMatlock Town
Mickleover FCvStalybridge Celtic
Nantwich TownvMorpeth Town
South ShieldsvBuxton
Whitby TownvStafford Rangers
Witton AlbionvFC United Of Manchester
Saturday November 06, 2021
Ashton UnitedvBasford United
Atherton CollieriesvSouth Shields
BuxtonvNantwich Town
FC United Of ManchestervGainsborough Trinity
Matlock TownvWhitby Town
Morpeth TownvGrantham Town
RadcliffevMickleover FC
Scarborough AthleticvLancaster City
Stafford RangersvBamber Bridge
Stalybridge CelticvWitton Albion
Warrington TownvHyde United
Saturday November 20, 2021
Atherton CollieriesvFC United Of Manchester
Basford UnitedvWhitby Town
Grantham TownvStafford Rangers
Hyde UnitedvAshton United
Lancaster CityvBuxton
Mickleover FCvWarrington Town
Morpeth TownvMatlock Town
RadcliffevStalybridge Celtic
Scarborough AthleticvNantwich Town
South ShieldsvGainsborough Trinity
Witton AlbionvBamber Bridge
Saturday November 27, 2021
Ashton UnitedvMorpeth Town
Bamber BridgevBasford United
BuxtonvWitton Albion
FC United Of ManchestervMickleover FC
Gainsborough TrinityvHyde United
Matlock TownvScarborough Athletic
Nantwich TownvLancaster City
Stafford RangersvSouth Shields
Stalybridge CelticvAtherton Collieries
Warrington TownvRadcliffe
Whitby TownvGrantham Town
Saturday December 04, 2021
Ashton UnitedvSouth Shields
Atherton CollieriesvWitton Albion
Basford UnitedvStalybridge Celtic
FC United Of ManchestervWhitby Town
Hyde UnitedvNantwich Town
Matlock TownvStafford Rangers
Mickleover FCvGrantham Town
Morpeth TownvGainsborough Trinity
RadcliffevBamber Bridge
Scarborough AthleticvBuxton
Warrington TownvLancaster City
Saturday December 11, 2021
Bamber BridgevScarborough Athletic
BuxtonvAshton United
Gainsborough TrinityvWarrington Town
Grantham TownvAtherton Collieries
Lancaster CityvBasford United
Nantwich TownvRadcliffe
South ShieldsvHyde United
Stafford RangersvFC United Of Manchester
Stalybridge CelticvMatlock Town
Whitby TownvMickleover FC
Witton AlbionvMorpeth Town
Saturday December 18, 2021
Ashton UnitedvMickleover FC
Basford UnitedvAtherton Collieries
BuxtonvFC United Of Manchester
Gainsborough TrinityvBamber Bridge
Hyde UnitedvMatlock Town
Lancaster CityvGrantham Town
Morpeth TownvStalybridge Celtic
Nantwich TownvWhitby Town
RadcliffevStafford Rangers
South ShieldsvWitton Albion
Warrington TownvScarborough Athletic
Monday December 27, 2021
Atherton CollieriesvRadcliffe
Bamber BridgevLancaster City
FC United Of ManchestervAshton United
Grantham TownvGainsborough Trinity
Matlock TownvBuxton
Mickleover FCvBasford United
Scarborough AthleticvMorpeth Town
Stafford RangersvNantwich Town
Stalybridge CelticvHyde United
Whitby TownvSouth Shields
Witton AlbionvWarrington Town
Saturday January 01, 2022
Ashton UnitedvStalybridge Celtic
Basford UnitedvGrantham Town
BuxtonvStafford Rangers
Gainsborough TrinityvMatlock Town
Hyde UnitedvMickleover FC
Lancaster CityvAtherton Collieries
Morpeth TownvWhitby Town
Nantwich TownvWitton Albion
RadcliffevFC United Of Manchester
South ShieldsvScarborough Athletic
Warrington TownvBamber Bridge
Saturday January 08, 2022
Atherton CollieriesvHyde United
Bamber BridgevBuxton
FC United Of ManchestervWarrington Town
Grantham TownvRadcliffe
Matlock TownvAshton United
Mickleover FCvSouth Shields
Morpeth TownvStafford Rangers
Scarborough AthleticvBasford United
Stalybridge CelticvNantwich Town
Whitby TownvLancaster City
Witton AlbionvGainsborough Trinity
Saturday January 15, 2022
Bamber BridgevFC United Of Manchester
BuxtonvWarrington Town
Gainsborough TrinityvBasford United
Grantham TownvAshton United
Lancaster CityvMorpeth Town
Nantwich TownvMickleover FC
South ShieldsvRadcliffe
Stafford RangersvHyde United
Stalybridge CelticvScarborough Athletic
Whitby TownvAtherton Collieries
Witton AlbionvMatlock Town
Saturday January 22, 2022
Ashton UnitedvLancaster City
Atherton CollieriesvStafford Rangers
Basford UnitedvNantwich Town
FC United Of ManchestervStalybridge Celtic
Hyde UnitedvWhitby Town
Matlock TownvBamber Bridge
Mickleover FCvWitton Albion
Morpeth TownvBuxton
RadcliffevGainsborough Trinity
Scarborough AthleticvGrantham Town
Warrington TownvSouth Shields
Saturday January 29, 2022
Bamber BridgevStalybridge Celtic
Basford UnitedvMorpeth Town
Gainsborough TrinityvStafford Rangers
Grantham TownvFC United Of Manchester
Hyde UnitedvBuxton
Lancaster CityvRadcliffe
Mickleover FCvAtherton Collieries
Nantwich TownvAshton United
South ShieldsvMatlock Town
Whitby TownvWarrington Town
Witton AlbionvScarborough Athletic
Saturday February 05, 2022
Ashton UnitedvBamber Bridge
Atherton CollieriesvGainsborough Trinity
BuxtonvSouth Shields
FC United Of ManchestervWitton Albion
Matlock TownvLancaster City
Morpeth TownvNantwich Town
RadcliffevBasford United
Scarborough AthleticvHyde United
Stafford RangersvWhitby Town
Stalybridge CelticvMickleover FC
Warrington TownvGrantham Town
Tuesday February 08, 2022
Ashton UnitedvWitton Albion
Atherton CollieriesvBamber Bridge
BuxtonvBasford United
FC United Of ManchestervLancaster City
Matlock TownvGrantham Town
Morpeth TownvSouth Shields
RadcliffevHyde United
Scarborough AthleticvWhitby Town
Stafford RangersvMickleover FC
Stalybridge CelticvGainsborough Trinity
Warrington TownvNantwich Town
Saturday February 12, 2022
Bamber BridgevStafford Rangers
Basford UnitedvAshton United
Gainsborough TrinityvFC United Of Manchester
Grantham TownvMorpeth Town
Hyde UnitedvWarrington Town
Lancaster CityvScarborough Athletic
Mickleover FCvRadcliffe
Nantwich TownvBuxton
South ShieldsvAtherton Collieries
Whitby TownvMatlock Town
Witton AlbionvStalybridge Celtic
Saturday February 19, 2022
Ashton UnitedvAtherton Collieries
Bamber BridgevMickleover FC
Basford UnitedvWarrington Town
BuxtonvGainsborough Trinity
Lancaster CityvSouth Shields
Matlock TownvRadcliffe
Morpeth TownvHyde United
Nantwich TownvGrantham Town
Scarborough AthleticvFC United Of Manchester
Stalybridge CelticvWhitby Town
Witton AlbionvStafford Rangers
Saturday February 26, 2022
Atherton CollieriesvBuxton
FC United Of ManchestervMatlock Town
Gainsborough TrinityvLancaster City
Grantham TownvWitton Albion
Hyde UnitedvBasford United
Mickleover FCvScarborough Athletic
RadcliffevAshton United
South ShieldsvNantwich Town
Stafford RangersvStalybridge Celtic
Warrington TownvMorpeth Town
Whitby TownvBamber Bridge
Saturday March 12, 2022
Ashton UnitedvGainsborough Trinity
Bamber BridgevGrantham Town
Basford UnitedvSouth Shields
Lancaster CityvHyde United
Matlock TownvAtherton Collieries
Morpeth TownvMickleover FC
Nantwich TownvFC United Of Manchester
Scarborough AthleticvStafford Rangers
Stalybridge CelticvWarrington Town
Witton AlbionvWhitby Town
Saturday March 19, 2022
Atherton CollieriesvScarborough Athletic
FC United Of ManchestervBasford United
Gainsborough TrinityvNantwich Town
Grantham TownvStalybridge Celtic
Hyde UnitedvWitton Albion
Mickleover FCvMatlock Town
RadcliffevMorpeth Town
South ShieldsvBamber Bridge
Stafford RangersvLancaster City
Warrington TownvAshton United
Whitby TownvBuxton
Saturday March 26, 2022
Atherton CollieriesvStalybridge Celtic
Basford UnitedvBamber Bridge
Grantham TownvWhitby Town
Hyde UnitedvGainsborough Trinity
Lancaster CityvNantwich Town
Mickleover FCvFC United Of Manchester
Morpeth TownvAshton United
RadcliffevWarrington Town
Scarborough AthleticvMatlock Town
South ShieldsvStafford Rangers
Witton AlbionvBuxton
Saturday April 02, 2022
Ashton UnitedvHyde United
Bamber BridgevWitton Albion
BuxtonvLancaster City
FC United Of ManchestervAtherton Collieries
Gainsborough TrinityvSouth Shields
Matlock TownvMorpeth Town
Nantwich TownvScarborough Athletic
Stafford RangersvGrantham Town
Stalybridge CelticvRadcliffe
Warrington TownvMickleover FC
Whitby TownvBasford United
Saturday April 09, 2022
Ashton UnitedvScarborough Athletic
Basford UnitedvMatlock Town
BuxtonvGrantham Town
Gainsborough TrinityvMickleover FC
Hyde UnitedvBamber Bridge
Lancaster CityvWitton Albion
Morpeth TownvFC United Of Manchester
Nantwich TownvAtherton Collieries
RadcliffevWhitby Town
South ShieldsvStalybridge Celtic
Warrington TownvStafford Rangers
Saturday April 16, 2022
Ashton UnitedvRadcliffe
Atherton CollieriesvWarrington Town
Bamber BridgevMorpeth Town
FC United Of ManchestervSouth Shields
Grantham TownvHyde United
Matlock TownvNantwich Town
Mickleover FCvBuxton
Scarborough AthleticvGainsborough Trinity
Stafford RangersvBasford United
Stalybridge CelticvLancaster City
Monday April 18, 2022
Ashton UnitedvFC United Of Manchester
Basford UnitedvMickleover FC
BuxtonvMatlock Town
Gainsborough TrinityvGrantham Town
Hyde UnitedvStalybridge Celtic
Lancaster CityvBamber Bridge
Morpeth TownvScarborough Athletic
Nantwich TownvStafford Rangers
RadcliffevAtherton Collieries
South ShieldsvWhitby Town
Warrington TownvWitton Albion
Saturday April 23, 2022
Atherton CollieriesvMorpeth Town
Bamber BridgevNantwich Town
FC United Of ManchestervHyde United
Grantham TownvSouth Shields
Matlock TownvWarrington Town
Mickleover FCvLancaster City
Scarborough AthleticvRadcliffe
Stafford RangersvAshton United
Stalybridge CelticvBuxton
Whitby TownvGainsborough Trinity
Witton AlbionvBasford United
Tuesday May 31, 2022
BuxtonvScarborough Athletic
Whitby TownvFC United Of Manchester
Witton AlbionvAtherton Collieries
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