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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Foul by Sam McLintock on Josh Amis
88 4 added minutes
88 Attendance: 432
88 Foul just outside the box by Bohan Dixon on Callum Harris
84 Foul by Josh Amis on Sam McLintock
83 Corner for Warrington Town
83 Josh Amis shoots into the keeper's arms
81 Josh Amis heads over
81* Yellow card for Keenan Quansah
81* Foul just outside the box by Keenan Quansah on Josh Amis
80 Sub: Mitch Duggan for Sean Williams
79 GOAL! Scored by Matty Grivosti! - Assist by Luke Duffy
75 GOAL! Scored by Luke Duffy! - Assist by Matty Grivosti
74* Corner wasted
74* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
73 Foul by Luke Duffy on Justin Johnson
69 Sub: Luke Duffy for Isaac Buckley-Ricketts
69 Sub: Bohan Dixon for Ben Hough
65 Yellow card for Josh Amis
65 An awful foul by Josh Amis on Stephen O'Halloran
63 Foul by Josh Amis on Shane Killock
63* Sub: Jay Fitzmartin for Matty Jones
62* Keenan Quansah heads well wide!
62* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
60 Foul by Lewis Coulton on Callum Harris
56* Stephen O'Halloran shoots narrowly wide
52* Sam McLintock with a shot from distance over
50 James Harris clears corner
50* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
48 Ben Hough with a shot from distance well over the bar
47* Shane Killock heads wide!
47 Foul by James Baillie on Callum Harris
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Handball by Matty Jones
45 Ben Hough shoots wide!
41* Keenan Quansah's volley deflected for a corner by James Baillie
41 Handball by Isaac Buckley-Ricketts
40* Foul by Sam Wedgbury on Isaac Buckley-Ricketts
38 Matty Grivosti caught offside
36* Charley Doyle caught offside
35 Sean Williams shoots into the keeper's arms
34 Corner for Warrington Town
33* Foul by Danny Adigun on Matty Grivosti
31 Corner caught by the keeper
31 Corner for Warrington Town
31 James Baillie shoots into the keeper's arms
28* Sam Wedgbury clears corner
28 Josh Amis's header pushed round the post: corner
25* Foul by Stephen O'Halloran on Isaac Buckley-Ricketts
22 An awful foul by James Harris on Charley Doyle
20 Foul by Isaac Buckley-Ricketts on Sam McLintock
11 Matty Regan clears corner
11* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
6 GOAL! Scored by Matty Grivosti!
5* Foul by Charley Doyle on Evan Gumbs
3 Isaac Buckley-Ricketts caught offside
3* Keenan Quansah heads into the keeper's arms
2* Sam McLintock's shot deflected for a corner by Matty Regan
1 Kick off - Warrington Town
Warrington Town
1Atherton, Daniel  
2Baillie, James  
3Coulton, Lewis  
4Harris, James  
5Regan, Matty  
6Gumbs, Evan  
7Buckley-Ricketts, Isaac  > 69
8Williams, Sean  > 80
9Amis, JoshYellow Card 
10Hough, Ben  > 69
11Grivosti, Matty  
12Duggan, Mitch  < 80
14Mols, Stefan  
15Duffy, Luke  < 69
16Mackreth, Jack  
17Dixon, Bohan  < 69