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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Rob Hopley caught offside
90* Corner wasted
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 3 added minutes
90 Paul Moore shoots wide!
89 Sub: Paul Moore for Steve Tames
88* Liam Dickinson shoots narrowly wide
88 Foul just outside the box by Anthony Hedley on Jake Charles
86* Handball by Jake Charles
83* Sub: Tom Brown for Greg Wilkinson
83 Anthony Hedley caught offside
80 Dsnny McKenna shoots wide!
78 Prince Heywood shoots wide!
78* Greg Wilkinson clears corner
78 Corner for Witton Albion
78 Steve Tames sees his shot saved
77* Oliver Roberts shoots over
76 Sub: Paul Williams for Anthony Brown
74 GOAL! Scored by Steve Tames!
73* Penalty conceded by Alex Honeyball bringing down Rob Hopley
73 James Foley shot blocked on route to goal by Luke Ashworth
73 Rob Hopley forces keeper into a great save!
68 Dsnny McKenna shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
68 Corner for Witton Albion
65 Have to disagree, it wasn\'t a penalty. Roberts clearly took only ball.
65 GOAL! Scored by Steve Tames!
65* Penalty conceded by Oliver Roberts bringing down Rob Hopley
62* Sub: Jake Charles for Sebastian Julien
61* Sebastian Julien clears corner
61 Corner for Witton Albion
61* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Prince Heywood
60* Aidan Chippendale puts in a good cross
57* Aidan Chippendale shoots over
56* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Nick Ryan
56 Rob Hopley caught offside
53* Luke Ashworth clears corner
53 James Foley's shot deflected for a corner
52 Great free kick
52* GOAL! Scored by Oliver Roberts!
51 Foul just outside the box by Prince Heywood on Oliver Roberts
49* Foul by Sebastian Julien on Prince Heywood
46 Steve Tames shoots over
46 Kick off - Witton Albion
45 Sub: Micah Evans for Will Jones
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Aidan Chippendale on Prince Heywood
45* Sub: Prince Heywood for John Cofie
45 Dsnny McKenna shoots over
44* Red card for Danny Morton
44* Foul by Danny Morton on Will Jones
43 Rob Hopley caught offside
41 Steve Tames heads over
35 Foul by Will Jones on Danny Morton
35* Foul by Oliver Roberts on Prince Heywood
34* John Cofie shoots but it is an easy save
33 Foul by Anthony Hedley on Greg Wilkinson
30* Liam Dickinson heads narrowly wide
30 Anthony Brown clears corner
30* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
30 Foul just outside the box by Nick Ryan on Liam Dickinson
29 Will Jones sees his shot saved
29* Liam Dickinson clears corner
29 Corner for Witton Albion
27* Liam Dickinson shoots over
27* Foul by Sebastian Julien on Prince Heywood
26 Foul by Nick Ryan on Luke Ashworth
26 Foul by Nick Ryan on Luke Ashworth
25* Foul by Oliver Roberts on Steve Tames
24* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Dsnny McKenna
20 Long throw, keeper stationary
20 GOAL! Scored by Will Jones! - Assist by Prince Heywood
18 Prince Heywood caught offside
17 Rob Hopley sees his shot saved
15 Rob Hopley shoots wide!
14* Handball by John Cofie
14 Low corner turned in
14 GOAL! Scored by Nick Ryan! - Assist by James Foley
13 Corner for Witton Albion
11 Foul by Dsnny McKenna on Sebastian Julien
11* Aidan Chippendale puts in a good cross
1 Kick off - Witton Albion
Stalybridge Celtic
1Ellison, Craig  
2Morton, DannyRed Card 
3Garvin, Joe  
4Wilkinson, Greg  > 83
5Ashworth, Luke  
6Honeyball, Alex  
7Chippendale, Aidan  
8Roberts, Oliver  
9Dickinson, Liam  
10Julien, Sebastian  > 62
11Cofie, John  > 45
12Brown, Tom  < 83
14Charles, Jake  < 62
15Bailey-Jones, Theo  
16Tongue, Liam