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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Steve Tames caught offside
90 Owen Dale shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
90 2 added minutes
87 Steve Tames caught offside
86 Owen Dale caught offside
84 Cesaire Lingouba clears corner
84* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
83 Foul by Michael Wilson on Jake Charles
82 Paul Williams shoots wide!
82* Foul just outside the box by Jake Storey on Will Jones
82 Sub: Ronan Eves for Prince Haywood
80* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78 James Foley caught offside
76* Jake Charles clears corner
76 Corner for Witton Albion
73* Sub: Aidan Winterbottom for Brice Pouamoun
72 Steve Tames caught offside
71 Robert Hopley heads well over the bar
70 Sub: Cesaire Lingouba for Will Jones
69 9 prods across the line in a mass of players
69 GOAL! Scored by Robert Hopley! - Assist by Will Jones
67 Corner wasted
67 Corner for Witton Albion
66 Will Jones caught offside
65 A deep cross rifled in from six yards
65 GOAL! Scored by Prince Haywood! - Assist by Danny McKenna
64 Robert Hopley shoots well over the bar
63 Will Jones clears corner
63* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
61* Sub: Jake Storey for Matthew Wolfenden
58* Corner wasted
58* Connor Hughes's shot deflected for a corner by Paul Williams
56 Sub: James Foley for River Humphreys
52 Near post corner, stooping header
52 GOAL! Scored by Will Jones! - Assist by Owen Dale
51 Corner for Witton Albion
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Prince Haywood on Connor Hughes
44 Handball by Owen Dale
43* Connor Hughes shoots over
41 Owen Dale sees his shot saved
39 Tames held the line well and a nice ball put him in to double the lead
39 GOAL! Scored by Steve Tames! - Assist by Robert Hopley
38* Oliver Roberts sees his shot saved
37 Will Jones shoots into the keeper's arms
35 Tames out ran the Celtic defence and lifted it over Syko
35 GOAL! Scored by Steve Tames! - Assist by Paul Williams
33 Foul by Will Jones
32* Connor Hughes shoots narrowly wide
31* Elisene Fernandes sees his header saved
29 Foul by Will Jones on George Sykes-Kenworthy
26 Paul Williams shoots but it is an easy save
25 Danny McKenna shoots over
24 Owen Dale caught offside
22* Jake Charles shoots wide!
18 Will Jones shoots narrowly wide
18 Steve Tames caught offside
15 Owen Dale caught offside
14* Connor Hughes shoots well wide!
13 Paul Williams shoots well wide!
10* Foul by Elisene Fernandes on River Humphreys
7 Prince Haywood shoots well over the bar
7 Corner for Witton Albion
5* Luke Ashworth sees his header saved
5* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
4* Oliver Roberts forces keeper into a great save!
4 Foul just outside the box by River Humphreys on Connor Hughes
4 Owen Dale shoots into the keeper's arms
1 Kick off - Witton Albion
Witton Albion
1Hare, Calvin  
2Gardner, Anthony  
3McKenna, Danny  
4Humphreys, River  > 56
5Wilson, Michael  
6Williams, Paul  
7Dale, Owen  
8Haywood, Prince  > 82
9Hopley, Robert  
10Jones, Will  > 70
11Tames, Steve  
12Lingouba, Cesaire  < 70
14Eves, Ronan  < 82
15Foley, James  < 56
17Neild, Ryan