Player Profile - Paul Ennis (4th Sep 2009 - 19th Sep 2017)
Charlie is a local lad from Cheadle Hume who worked his way through the ranks at Stockport County, getting as far as two first team appearances, coming off the bench. After a spell with Celtic, he went looking for a professional contract, signing at Bala Town in the Welsh League. After Bala, he joined Droylsden for a spell, and Cheadle, before signing for WittonAlbion, where he made two appearances before joining Northwich Victoria, who sent him on loan to Northwich Villa. At the start of the 13/14 season he was back in Wales with Colwyn Bay, and had a spell at Guiseley before he rejoined Celtic for the run in into the end of the season, and was nominated as player of the season for 2013/14, and won the Golden Boot in the 14/15 season. After leaving his second spell at Celtic, Charlie went to Hednesford Town, where he went onto make thirty-two appearances and score eight goals during his season long stint there. 2016/17 started at Curzon Ashton with nineteen appearances and three goals, finishing at Matlock Town, from where he joins Celtic for his third stint.
1st Feb 1990
4th Sep 2009
19th Sep 2017
Last App
16th Sep 2017
Last Goal
4th Jan 2015
As Sub
Subbed off
Unused Sub
Red Cards
Yellow Cards
97 / 267
Average Points
Total Pitch Time
5266 mins
Date Opposition Competition Season H/A Score Lineups Goals Assists R Y Sub
Sat 16 September 2017ChorleyFA Cup2017/2018H1-3     On @52mins
Tue 12 September 2017BuxtonNorthern Premier2017/2018H0-1     Unused
Sat 09 September 2017StourbridgeNorthern Premier2017/2018H3-1     Unused
Tue 05 September 2017Farsley CelticNorthern Premier2017/2018A5-4     On @76mins
Sat 02 September 2017Farsley CelticFA Cup2017/2018H2-1     On @44mins
Mon 28 August 2017Lancaster CityNorthern Premier2017/2018A1-0     On @69mins
Sat 25 April 2015Gainsborough TrinityVanarama National League North2014/2015H4-4     Unused
Tue 21 April 2015Bradford Park AvenueVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-1     Unused
Sat 18 April 2015Hednesford TownVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-2     On @76mins
Sat 11 April 2015Boston UnitedVanarama National League North2014/2015H1-1     On @59mins
Mon 06 April 2015GuiseleyVanarama National League North2014/2015A0-2     On @90mins
Sat 04 April 2015Harrogate TownVanarama National League North2014/2015H2-1     On @78mins
Sat 28 March 2015Leamington FCVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-1     Unused
Sat 21 March 2015Gloucester CityVanarama National League North2014/2015H2-1      
Sat 14 March 2015Bradford Park AvenueVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-0     Off @64mins
Tue 10 March 2015North Ferriby UnitedVanarama National League North2014/2015A2-0     On @70mins
Sat 07 March 2015BarrowVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-1     On @76mins
Sat 28 February 2015Lowestoft TownVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-1     Off @62mins
Sat 14 February 2015Brackley TownVanarama National League North2014/2015H1-5      
Tue 10 February 2015ChorleyVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-1     On @54mins
Sat 07 February 2015Stockport CountyVanarama National League North2014/2015A4-3     Off @69mins
Sat 24 January 2015TamworthVanarama National League North2014/2015A4-1     Off @61mins
Sat 10 January 2015Colwyn BayVanarama National League North2014/2015A0-1     Off @90mins
Sun 04 January 2015Solihull MoorsVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-2    Off @78mins
Thu 01 January 2015Hyde UnitedVanarama National League North2014/2015H7-1   Off @85mins
Fri 26 December 2014Hyde UnitedVanarama National League North2014/2015A2-4     
Sat 20 December 2014Worcester CityVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-1      
Sat 06 December 2014AFC FyldeVanarama National League North2014/2015A3-0     Off @76mins
Tue 02 December 2014ChorleyFA Trophy2014/2015H1-2      
Sat 29 November 2014ChorleyFA Trophy2014/2015A2-2     
Tue 25 November 2014Gloucester CityVanarama National League North2014/2015A0-1      
Sat 22 November 2014Oxford CityVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-2     On @63mins
Sat 15 November 2014BarrowVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-0     On @67mins
Tue 11 November 2014Lowestoft TownVanarama National League North2014/2015H1-1     
Sat 08 November 2014Oxford CityVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-1      
Sat 01 November 2014Hednesford TownVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-5      
Sat 18 October 2014Colwyn BayVanarama National League North2014/2015H1-2     Off @82mins
Wed 15 October 2014Nantwich TownCheshire Senior Cup2014/2015H0-2     On @62mins
Tue 07 October 2014GuiseleyVanarama National League North2014/2015H1-3     Off @74mins
Sat 04 October 2014Brackley TownVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-0     Off @64mins
Sat 27 September 2014ShildonFA Cup2014/2015A1-0     Off @73mins
Sat 20 September 2014Gainsborough TrinityVanarama National League North2014/2015A2-1     
Sat 13 September 2014TamworthVanarama National League North2014/2015H3-1    
Tue 09 September 2014Harrogate TownVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-0      
Sat 06 September 2014Leamington FCVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-1     Off @67mins
Sat 30 August 2014Boston UnitedVanarama National League North2014/2015A1-1     
Mon 25 August 2014Stockport CountyVanarama National League North2014/2015H3-2    
Sat 23 August 2014ChorleyVanarama National League North2014/2015A2-0     Off @83mins
Sat 16 August 2014Solihull MoorsVanarama National League North2014/2015H0-3      
Tue 12 August 2014AFC FyldeVanarama National League North2014/2015H3-0      
Sat 09 August 2014Worcester CityVanarama National League North2014/2015A2-2    
Sat 26 April 2014WorkingtonVanarama National League North2013/2014H2-0    Off @70mins
Mon 21 April 2014Bradford Park AvenueVanarama National League North2013/2014A1-1     
Sat 19 April 2014Gainsborough TrinityVanarama National League North2013/2014H3-2      
Sat 12 April 2014Boston UnitedVanarama National League North2013/2014A4-1      
Sat 05 April 2014Oxford CityVanarama National League North2013/2014H1-1     
Sat 29 March 2014North Ferriby UnitedVanarama National League North2013/2014A2-0      
Wed 26 March 2014GuiseleyVanarama National League North2013/2014H2-3     
Sat 22 March 2014Gloucester CityVanarama National League North2013/2014A1-0      
Tue 18 March 2014GuiseleyVanarama National League North2013/2014A3-1      
Sat 15 March 2014Vauxhall MotorsVanarama National League North2013/2014A1-3      
Sat 08 March 2014AFC TelfordVanarama National League North2013/2014H0-2      
Sat 01 March 2014Worcester CityVanarama National League North2013/2014A2-1     
Sat 22 February 2014Brackley TownVanarama National League North2013/2014H1-1      
Sat 08 February 2014Stockport CountyVanarama National League North2013/2014A2-0     Off @76mins
Tue 21 January 2014Witton AlbionCheshire Senior Cup2013/2014H4-4    On @54mins
Sat 18 January 2014Gloucester CityVanarama National League North2013/2014H2-2      
Sat 11 January 2014Harrogate TownVanarama National League North2013/2014A2-1    Off @76mins
Tue 07 January 2014BarrowVanarama National League North2013/2014H1-3    On @60mins
Sat 04 January 2014Solihull MoorsVanarama National League North2013/2014A3-3     On @70mins
Wed 01 January 2014AltrinchamVanarama National League North2013/2014H0-5     On @87mins
Thu 26 December 2013AltrinchamVanarama National League North2013/2014A5-0     Off @58mins
Sat 21 December 2013Boston UnitedVanarama National League North2013/2014H3-3     Off @77mins
Sat 14 December 2013Hednesford TownVanarama National League North2013/2014A4-1     On @54mins
Sat 07 December 2013HistonVanarama National League North2013/2014A1-4     On @87mins
Sat 30 November 2013Lincoln CityFA Trophy2013/2014A5-1     Unused
Sat 23 November 2013Worcester CityVanarama National League North2013/2014H1-2      
Sat 16 November 2013Vauxhall MotorsFA Trophy2013/2014H3-0    On @64mins
Tue 12 November 2013BarrowVanarama National League North2013/2014A1-1     Off @78mins
Sat 09 November 2013AFC TelfordVanarama National League North2013/2014A3-1     On @55mins
Sat 02 November 2013HistonVanarama National League North2013/2014H2-1     On @73mins
Sat 24 April 2010Fleetwood TownVanarama National League North2009/2010A2-0     Unused
Tue 20 April 2010Northwich VictoriaVanarama National League North2009/2010A2-1     On @62mins
Sat 17 April 2010Eastwood TownVanarama National League North2009/2010H1-0     On @76mins
Tue 13 April 2010Northwich VictoriaVanarama National League North2009/2010H1-1     On @78mins
Sat 10 April 2010Corby TownVanarama National League North2009/2010A5-1     Unused
Sat 03 April 2010Solihull MoorsVanarama National League North2009/2010H4-1     On @57mins
Wed 11 November 2009Chester FCCheshire Senior Cup2009/2010H1-2     On @75mins
Sat 31 October 2009Hinckley UnitedVanarama National League North2009/2010A0-0     Off @45mins
Sat 24 October 2009Gainsborough TrinityVanarama National League North2009/2010A1-3      
Sat 17 October 2009Stafford RangersVanarama National League North2009/2010A0-2     On @78mins
Tue 13 October 2009FC United Of ManchesterFA Cup2009/2010H0-1     On @45mins
Sun 11 October 2009FC United Of ManchesterFA Cup2009/2010A3-3     On @82mins
Sat 03 October 2009Redditch UnitedVanarama National League North2009/2010H3-0     On @75mins
Sat 26 September 2009Stocksbridge Park SteelsFA Cup2009/2010A2-7     On @67mins
Sat 12 September 2009DroylsdenVanarama National League North2009/2010H2-2     On @59mins
Tue 08 September 2009Eastwood TownVanarama National League North2009/2010A1-3     On @68mins