Conference Premier League Results - 2001/2002
Sunday April 28, 2002
Dagenham Redbridge3-0Chester FC
Hayes and Yeading0-2Boston United
Saturday April 27, 2002
AFC Telford3-3Woking
Farnborough Town3-0Leigh Genesis
Roddis 9
Munday 11
Lamb 38
Saunders 55
Braithwaite 58(p), 84
Keister 87, 90
8-0Stalybridge Celtic
Morecambe2-1Doncaster Rovers
Northwich Victoria0-3Barnet
Nuneaton Town1-2Scarborough
Southport5-1Forest Green Rovers
Stevenage Borough3-1Hereford United
Yeovil Town2-0Dover Athletic
Thursday April 25, 2002
Morecambe1-1Farnborough Town
Tuesday April 23, 2002
Morecambe0-0Boston United
Woking0-2Dagenham Redbridge
Yeovil Town0-0Southport
Monday April 22, 2002
Barnet2-0Doncaster Rovers
Stevenage Borough1-0Northwich Victoria
Saturday April 20, 2002
Boston United4-0Farnborough Town
Chester FC5-1Stevenage Borough
Doncaster Rovers1-0Southport
Dover Athletic1-1Morecambe
Forest Green Rovers2-0Northwich Victoria
Hereford United0-1Hayes and Yeading
Leigh Genesis0-1Yeovil Town
Scarborough0-0Dagenham Redbridge
Stalybridge Celtic0-2AFC Telford
Quayle 47
King 90
Woking0-0Nuneaton Town
Thursday April 18, 2002
Stevenage Borough2-3Yeovil Town
Tuesday April 16, 2002
Chester FC1-0Farnborough Town
Hereford United1-0Dagenham Redbridge
Northwich Victoria
Quinn 16
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Scarborough2-0Boston United
Yeovil Town1-2Barnet
Monday April 15, 2002
Stevenage Borough0-1Leigh Genesis
Saturday April 13, 2002
AFC Telford0-2Nuneaton Town
Barnet0-1Forest Green Rovers
Chester FC3-0Dover Athletic
Farnborough Town4-2Scarborough
Hereford United1-0Northwich Victoria
Leigh Genesis1-2Boston United
Southport2-3Hayes and Yeading
Stalybridge Celtic0-2Woking
D`Sane 28
Griffiths 83(p)
Friday April 12, 2002
Dagenham Redbridge1-0Doncaster Rovers
Wednesday April 10, 2002
Nuneaton Town0-1Northwich Victoria
Monday April 08, 2002
AFC Telford2-0Margate
Boston United0-0Stevenage Borough
Dagenham Redbridge
McDougald 9
Hill 41
2-1Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 8
Dover Athletic2-2Woking
Morecambe2-0Forest Green Rovers
Saturday April 06, 2002
Doncaster Rovers4-0Hereford United
Dover Athletic0-0Leigh Genesis
Forest Green Rovers0-2Chester FC
Hayes and Yeading0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Northwich Victoria1-2Dagenham Redbridge
Nuneaton Town0-0Margate
Scarborough3-1AFC Telford
Wednesday April 03, 2002
AFC Telford4-1Morecambe
Monday April 01, 2002
AFC Telford1-2Hayes and Yeading
Barnet0-1Nuneaton Town
Chester FC1-1Yeovil Town
Dagenham Redbridge3-2Morecambe
Farnborough Town4-1Northwich Victoria
Hereford United2-2Woking
Leigh Genesis1-1Scarborough
Margate1-1Forest Green Rovers
Southport2-3Boston United
Stalybridge Celtic
Ayorinde, Sammy 10
1-0Doncaster Rovers
Stevenage Borough1-3Dover Athletic
Saturday March 30, 2002
Doncaster Rovers2-0Chester FC
Forest Green Rovers1-1AFC Telford
Hayes and Yeading0-3Farnborough Town
Morecambe0-3Stevenage Borough
Northwich Victoria1-1Margate
Nuneaton Town2-0Dagenham Redbridge
Scarborough3-2Hereford United
Woking1-1Leigh Genesis
Yeovil Town0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 16
Shandron, Anthony 79
Friday March 29, 2002
Boston United1-1Barnet
Tuesday March 26, 2002
Hereford United1-0Chester FC
Morecambe1-1Dagenham Redbridge
Stalybridge Celtic
Parr, Kevin 1, 36
2-1Forest Green Rovers
Cooper 74(p)
Woking0-1Hayes and Yeading
Yeovil Town0-1Boston United
Monday March 25, 2002
Dover Athletic0-0Margate
Stevenage Borough3-2Barnet
Saturday March 23, 2002
Barnet0-0AFC Telford
Boston United0-1Chester FC
Farnborough Town6-1Stevenage Borough
Forest Green Rovers1-2Nuneaton Town
Hereford United0-2Morecambe
Leigh Genesis2-0Dagenham Redbridge
Northwich Victoria0-3Woking
Scarborough0-0Yeovil Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-2Dover Athletic
Seabury 40(p)
Allen 84
Friday March 22, 2002
Doncaster Rovers5-2Hayes and Yeading
Wednesday March 20, 2002
Boston United4-1Nuneaton Town
Tuesday March 19, 2002
Barnet4-0Dagenham Redbridge
Doncaster Rovers2-2Northwich Victoria
Saturday March 16, 2002
Boston United3-1AFC Telford
Dover Athletic0-1Hereford United
Forest Green Rovers1-2Leigh Genesis
Hayes and Yeading1-2Scarborough
Woking3-1Doncaster Rovers
Tuesday March 12, 2002
Doncaster Rovers0-1Boston United
Farnborough Town4-2Hereford United
Hayes and Yeading2-4Margate
Leigh Genesis0-1Morecambe
Stalybridge Celtic
Ayorinde, Sammy 4
Pickford, Steve 63
Murphy 15(og)
Blunt 37
Stamp 77(p)
Monday March 11, 2002
Stevenage Borough1-3Dagenham Redbridge
Saturday March 09, 2002
Boston United4-2Dover Athletic
Doncaster Rovers1-0AFC Telford
Farnborough Town1-3Yeovil Town
Forest Green Rovers2-1Hayes and Yeading
Leigh Genesis0-1Nuneaton Town
Northwich Victoria3-1Southport
Scarborough1-1Stevenage Borough
Stalybridge Celtic0-4Chester FC
Beesley 36
Tate 54
McElhatton 58, 90
Tuesday March 05, 2002
Chester FC0-0Scarborough
Farnborough Town0-1Woking
Hereford United0-1AFC Telford
Leigh Genesis
Kelly 80
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Monday March 04, 2002
Dagenham Redbridge1-0Boston United
Saturday March 02, 2002
AFC Telford1-0Northwich Victoria
Chester FC1-1Leigh Genesis
Dover Athletic2-1Farnborough Town
Hayes and Yeading0-2Barnet
Nuneaton Town2-3Doncaster Rovers
Jones, Steve 20
Parke 72
Grayston 76
3-1Stalybridge Celtic
Parr, Kevin 78
Stevenage Borough3-1Margate
Woking3-4Forest Green Rovers
Yeovil Town2-1Hereford United
Tuesday February 26, 2002
Stalybridge Celtic0-1Leigh Genesis
Twiss 66
Saturday February 23, 2002
Dagenham Redbridge1-0Dover Athletic
Nuneaton Town1-1Farnborough Town
Wednesday February 20, 2002
Forest Green Rovers2-1Dover Athletic
Tuesday February 19, 2002
Barnet0-3Farnborough Town
Nuneaton Town1-3Chester FC
Monday February 18, 2002
Boston United3-4Hereford United
Saturday February 16, 2002
Doncaster Rovers1-0Margate
Dover Athletic0-2Scarborough
Farnborough Town1-1AFC Telford
Hayes and Yeading1-2Northwich Victoria
Leigh Genesis3-3Barnet
Stalybridge Celtic
Ayorinde, Sammy 18, 84, 85
Courtney, Gerrard 78
4-2Nuneaton Town
Thackery 14
Charles 45
Stevenage Borough4-1Forest Green Rovers
Yeovil Town3-3Dagenham Redbridge
Tuesday February 12, 2002
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Hayes and Yeading
Saturday February 09, 2002
AFC Telford1-1Southport
Midgely 90
1-2Stalybridge Celtic
Murphy, Ged 15
Peacock, Richard 32
Dagenham Redbridge2-1Farnborough Town
Forest Green Rovers0-2Doncaster Rovers
Hereford United0-1Leigh Genesis
Margate0-0Chester FC
Morecambe1-5Yeovil Town
Northwich Victoria2-1Dover Athletic
Stevenage Borough1-4Woking
Saturday February 02, 2002
Southport1-1Nuneaton Town
Tuesday January 29, 2002
Northwich Victoria4-3Morecambe
Yeovil Town2-2Forest Green Rovers
Saturday January 26, 2002
Hayes and Yeading0-4Yeovil Town
Northwich Victoria0-3Leigh Genesis
Southport1-1Hereford United
Stalybridge Celtic
Ayorinde, Sammy 38
Courtney, Gerrard 63
2-1Boston United
Ellender 59
Friday January 25, 2002
Doncaster Rovers2-0Stevenage Borough
Tuesday January 22, 2002
AFC Telford0-3Chester FC
Saturday January 19, 2002
Boston United3-2Northwich Victoria
Chester FC1-0Barnet
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Forest Green Rovers
Dover Athletic0-1Doncaster Rovers
Farnborough Town
Vansittart 64
Lee 83
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Hereford United3-0Margate
Leigh Genesis3-1AFC Telford
Morecambe2-1Hayes and Yeading
Stevenage Borough2-1Southport
Yeovil Town2-1Nuneaton Town
Tuesday January 15, 2002
Scarborough1-0Doncaster Rovers
Tuesday January 08, 2002
Chester FC1-2Northwich Victoria
Saturday January 05, 2002
Forest Green Rovers1-1Hereford United
Hayes and Yeading2-1Dover Athletic
Margate2-1Farnborough Town
Nuneaton Town2-1Stevenage Borough
Southport5-0Leigh Genesis
Woking0-2Yeovil Town
Saturday December 29, 2001
Boston United6-1Forest Green Rovers
Chester FC3-1Hayes and Yeading
Farnborough Town0-1Southport
Hereford United
Williams 26
Snape 28
Elmes 69
3-0Stalybridge Celtic
Wednesday December 26, 2001
AFC Telford0-1Hereford United
Barnet0-3Stevenage Borough
Doncaster Rovers4-3Scarborough
Forest Green Rovers1-1Yeovil Town
Hayes and Yeading2-4Dagenham Redbridge
Margate0-1Dover Athletic
Northwich Victoria3-1Chester FC
Nuneaton Town1-1Boston United
Woking3-2Farnborough Town
Saturday December 22, 2001
Dagenham Redbridge1-5AFC Telford
Saturday December 15, 2001
Boston United4-0Woking
Chester FC0-2Southport
Dagenham Redbridge4-1Margate
Dover Athletic2-2Barnet
Farnborough Town3-0Forest Green Rovers
Hereford United1-1Nuneaton Town
Leigh Genesis1-4Doncaster Rovers
Black 35
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Scarborough1-2Northwich Victoria
Stevenage Borough1-1Hayes and Yeading
Yeovil Town1-1AFC Telford
Saturday December 08, 2001
Chester FC1-1Morecambe
Dover Athletic0-1Southport
Leigh Genesis2-2Margate
Nuneaton Town0-2Hayes and Yeading
Yeovil Town1-1Doncaster Rovers
Saturday December 01, 2001
AFC Telford4-3Dover Athletic
Barnet2-0Hereford United
Doncaster Rovers1-1Farnborough Town
Forest Green Rovers2-2Scarborough
Hayes and Yeading2-1Leigh Genesis
Margate1-1Boston United
Northwich Victoria1-3Yeovil Town
Nuneaton Town2-3Morecambe
Southport2-2Dagenham Redbridge
Stalybridge Celtic
Peacock, Richard 62
Pickford, Steve 90
2-0Stevenage Borough
Woking2-1Chester FC
Saturday November 24, 2001
Boston United2-1Leigh Genesis
Doncaster Rovers0-0Dagenham Redbridge
Dover Athletic1-0Chester FC
Forest Green Rovers2-2Barnet
Hayes and Yeading1-0Southport
Northwich Victoria1-0Hereford United
Nuneaton Town1-2AFC Telford
Scarborough1-0Farnborough Town
Smith 59(p)
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Turley, James 56
Yeovil Town2-1Stevenage Borough
Saturday November 17, 2001
AFC Telford2-1Stevenage Borough
Dover Athletic1-2Nuneaton Town
Margate0-1Yeovil Town
Saturday November 10, 2001
Chester FC2-3Forest Green Rovers
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Northwich Victoria
Farnborough Town2-1Morecambe
Hereford United0-0Doncaster Rovers
Leigh Genesis1-2Dover Athletic
Margate1-1Nuneaton Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Peacock, Richard 40
1-0Hayes and Yeading
Stevenage Borough1-2Boston United
Friday November 09, 2001
AFC Telford3-0Scarborough
Southport3-0Yeovil Town
Saturday November 03, 2001
Boston United0-0Southport
Doncaster Rovers0-1Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 45
Dover Athletic0-1Stevenage Borough
Forest Green Rovers3-3Margate
Hayes and Yeading1-4AFC Telford
Northwich Victoria1-2Farnborough Town
Nuneaton Town2-3Barnet
Scarborough2-5Leigh Genesis
Woking1-0Hereford United
Yeovil Town0-1Chester FC
Saturday October 20, 2001
AFC Telford0-0Forest Green Rovers
Barnet0-1Boston United
Chester FC1-1Doncaster Rovers
Dagenham Redbridge2-0Nuneaton Town
Farnborough Town1-2Hayes and Yeading
Hereford United6-0Scarborough
Leigh Genesis3-1Woking
Margate1-2Northwich Victoria
Southport0-2Dover Athletic
Stalybridge Celtic
Bushell, Steve 55
1-1Yeovil Town
Alford 9
Stevenage Borough3-1Morecambe
Saturday October 13, 2001
AFC Telford0-1Farnborough Town
Barnet1-1Leigh Genesis
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Yeovil Town
Forest Green Rovers0-0Stevenage Borough
Hereford United0-1Boston United
Margate1-1Doncaster Rovers
Morecambe0-3Chester FC
Northwich Victoria1-0Hayes and Yeading
Nuneaton Town
Whitehall 26
Peyton 36(p)
Charles 90
3-1Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 86
Scarborough1-1Dover Athletic
Wednesday October 10, 2001
Boston United2-1Morecambe
Tuesday October 09, 2001
Chester FC2-0Hereford United
Doncaster Rovers2-3Barnet
Farnborough Town2-1Nuneaton Town
Hayes and Yeading4-1Woking
Leigh Genesis1-2Forest Green Rovers
Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 90
1-1Northwich Victoria
Mike 6
Yeovil Town1-2Margate
Monday October 08, 2001
Dover Athletic0-1Dagenham Redbridge
Stevenage Borough1-1AFC Telford
Saturday October 06, 2001
Boston United2-2Scarborough
Chester FC0-3Margate
Dover Athletic2-1Northwich Victoria
Farnborough Town1-2Dagenham Redbridge
Hayes and Yeading1-2Nuneaton Town
Southport0-0AFC Telford
Stalybridge Celtic
Kelly, Leon 52
Purser 90
Yeovil Town1-1Morecambe
Friday October 05, 2001
Doncaster Rovers5-1Forest Green Rovers
Leigh Genesis0-1Hereford United
Woking1-1Stevenage Borough
Tuesday October 02, 2001
AFC Telford2-2Boston United
Barnet2-3Yeovil Town
Dagenham Redbridge1-0Stevenage Borough
Forest Green Rovers0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Kelly, Leon 90
Pickford, Steve 38(p)
Hereford United4-2Farnborough Town
Margate1-0Hayes and Yeading
Morecambe1-3Leigh Genesis
Northwich Victoria2-3Doncaster Rovers
Nuneaton Town3-0Southport
Scarborough2-1Chester FC
Woking4-0Dover Athletic
Saturday September 29, 2001
AFC Telford
Hanmer 47
Bently 51, 81
3-1Stalybridge Celtic
Peacock, Richard 75
Dagenham Redbridge4-2Scarborough
Farnborough Town0-2Boston United
Hayes and Yeading4-1Hereford United
Morecambe2-1Dover Athletic
Northwich Victoria2-2Forest Green Rovers
Nuneaton Town2-0Woking
Southport1-0Doncaster Rovers
Stevenage Borough2-1Chester FC
Yeovil Town2-1Leigh Genesis
Tuesday September 25, 2001
Northwich Victoria2-2AFC Telford
Saturday September 22, 2001
Barnet1-0Northwich Victoria
Boston United4-1Hayes and Yeading
Chester FC0-1Dagenham Redbridge
Doncaster Rovers3-3Morecambe
Dover Athletic1-2Yeovil Town
Forest Green Rovers2-1Southport
Hereford United1-1Stevenage Borough
Leigh Genesis3-0Farnborough Town
Scarborough1-2Nuneaton Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Futcher, Ben 37
Kelly, Leon 84
Braithwaite 69
Munday 90
Woking1-1AFC Telford
Wednesday September 19, 2001
Boston United1-2Dagenham Redbridge
Forest Green Rovers2-1Woking
Tuesday September 18, 2001
Barnet3-1Hayes and Yeading
Doncaster Rovers2-2Nuneaton Town
Farnborough Town1-0Dover Athletic
Hereford United0-2Yeovil Town
Leigh Genesis3-0Chester FC
Margate2-1Stevenage Borough
Stalybridge Celtic0-0Southport
Saturday September 15, 2001
AFC Telford1-2Barnet
Chester FC1-2Boston United
Dagenham Redbridge0-1Leigh Genesis
Dover Athletic
Scott 31(p)
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Hayes and Yeading1-5Doncaster Rovers
Morecambe2-2Hereford United
Nuneaton Town2-1Forest Green Rovers
Stevenage Borough1-2Farnborough Town
Woking3-1Northwich Victoria
Yeovil Town2-2Scarborough
Tuesday September 11, 2001
AFC Telford1-1Doncaster Rovers
Chester FC0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Dagenham Redbridge1-0Hereford United
Hayes and Yeading1-1Forest Green Rovers
Nuneaton Town2-1Leigh Genesis
Southport5-1Northwich Victoria
Yeovil Town0-1Farnborough Town
Monday September 10, 2001
Dover Athletic3-2Boston United
Stevenage Borough2-0Scarborough
Saturday September 08, 2001
Boston United4-0Yeovil Town
Doncaster Rovers1-1Woking
Farnborough Town1-1Chester FC
Forest Green Rovers3-1Morecambe
Hereford United3-0Dover Athletic
Leigh Genesis1-2Stevenage Borough
Margate3-1AFC Telford
Northwich Victoria3-0Nuneaton Town
Scarborough1-2Hayes and Yeading
Stalybridge Celtic
Peacock, Richard 50
Courtney, Gerrard 53
2-3Dagenham Redbridge
Shipp 45
Vickers 78
Perkins, Chris 81(og)
Wednesday September 05, 2001
Boston United2-2Doncaster Rovers
Tuesday September 04, 2001
Chester FC2-2AFC Telford
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Barnet
Farnborough Town0-0Margate
Hereford United0-0Forest Green Rovers
Leigh Genesis1-2Southport
Morecambe2-1Northwich Victoria
Brodie 77
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 82
Yeovil Town1-3Woking
Monday September 03, 2001
Dover Athletic3-2Hayes and Yeading
Stevenage Borough2-2Nuneaton Town
Saturday September 01, 2001
AFC Telford3-1Leigh Genesis
Barnet3-1Chester FC
Doncaster Rovers2-1Dover Athletic
Forest Green Rovers2-4Dagenham Redbridge
Hayes and Yeading3-1Morecambe
Margate2-2Hereford United
Northwich Victoria1-2Boston United
Nuneaton Town1-2Yeovil Town
Southport0-0Stevenage Borough
Stalybridge Celtic
Woods, Matthew 41
1-1Farnborough Town
Piper 84
Wednesday August 29, 2001
Boston United
Weatherstone 6, 79
Charlery 74
Clare 81(p)
4-1Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 90
Monday August 27, 2001
Chester FC1-0Nuneaton Town
Dagenham Redbridge3-1Woking
Dover Athletic1-2Forest Green Rovers
Farnborough Town2-1Barnet
Hereford United0-0Southport
Leigh Genesis1-2Northwich Victoria
Morecambe2-1AFC Telford
Stevenage Borough0-0Doncaster Rovers
Yeovil Town2-1Hayes and Yeading
Saturday August 25, 2001
AFC Telford1-4Dagenham Redbridge
Doncaster Rovers1-2Yeovil Town
Forest Green Rovers0-3Boston United
Hayes and Yeading1-3Chester FC
Margate1-2Leigh Genesis
Northwich Victoria2-1Stevenage Borough
Nuneaton Town3-0Dover Athletic
Southport2-5Farnborough Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-2Hereford United
Elmes 59, 74
Wednesday August 22, 2001
Forest Green Rovers1-0Farnborough Town
Tuesday August 21, 2001
AFC Telford2-2Yeovil Town
Barnet2-0Dover Athletic
Doncaster Rovers2-0Leigh Genesis
Hayes and Yeading0-2Stevenage Borough
Margate1-1Dagenham Redbridge
Northwich Victoria1-1Scarborough
Nuneaton Town2-0Hereford United
Southport3-2Chester FC
Stalybridge Celtic
Courtney, Gerrard 41
Steele, Winfield 78, 85
Pickford, Steve 79
Gouck 9
Arnold 44(p)
Thompson 59
Woking0-2Boston United
Saturday August 18, 2001
Boston United0-1Margate
Chester FC0-2Woking
Dagenham Redbridge1-1Southport
Dover Athletic0-1AFC Telford
Farnborough Town0-1Doncaster Rovers
Hereford United2-1Barnet
Leigh Genesis1-1Hayes and Yeading
Morecambe1-0Nuneaton Town
Scarborough1-1Forest Green Rovers
Stevenage Borough
Hamsher 18(p)
Williams 59
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Yeovil Town2-3Northwich Victoria