Conference Premier League Results - 1996/1997
Saturday May 03, 1997
Bath City3-2Northwich Victoria
Bromsgrove Rovers1-0Welling United
Dover Athletic2-2Hednesford Town
Farnborough Town0-2AFC Telford
FC Halifax Town4-2Stevenage Borough
Gateshead3-1Kidderminster Harriers
Kettering Town1-4Macclesfield FC
Rushden and Diamonds3-2Altrincham
Southport0-2Hayes and Yeading
Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 51
Burke, Brendan 82(p)
2-2Slough Town
Abbott 28, 72
Thursday May 01, 1997
Wednesday April 30, 1997
FC Halifax Town3-3Macclesfield FC
Tuesday April 29, 1997
Altrincham1-2Stevenage Borough
Bath City1-1Farnborough Town
Rushden and Diamonds1-1Woking
Welling United
Farley 37
Morah 80
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Saturday April 26, 1997
AFC Telford1-0Dover Athletic
Altrincham4-3Kettering Town
Farnborough Town1-0Hednesford Town
Hayes and Yeading0-1Bath City
Kidderminster Harriers3-0Southport
Macclesfield FC4-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Morecambe0-0Slough Town
Northwich Victoria1-2Woking
Rushden and Diamonds1-0FC Halifax Town
Stevenage Borough
Mison 35
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Goldbourne, Ronnie 82
Welling United2-0Gateshead
Thursday April 24, 1997
Farnborough Town1-2Woking
Wednesday April 23, 1997
Gateshead2-2Stevenage Borough
Tuesday April 22, 1997
Macclesfield FC5-0Woking
Morecambe0-0Stalybridge Celtic
Monday April 21, 1997
Hednesford Town0-3Welling United
Stevenage Borough4-1Rushden and Diamonds
Saturday April 19, 1997
Altrincham1-2Dover Athletic
Bath City3-1Welling United
FC Halifax Town2-2Hayes and Yeading
Hednesford Town2-1Slough Town
Morecambe2-3Kidderminster Harriers
Southport0-0Stevenage Borough
Wednesday April 16, 1997
Morecambe1-0FC Halifax Town
Monday April 14, 1997
Kidderminster Harriers1-0Woking
Stevenage Borough3-1Farnborough Town
Saturday April 12, 1997
AFC Telford1-1FC Halifax Town
Bath City3-2Rushden and Diamonds
Dover Athletic0-1Gateshead
Kettering Town0-2Morecambe
Northwich Victoria2-1Hednesford Town
Welling United2-3Southport
Tuesday April 08, 1997
Dover Athletic3-3Stevenage Borough
Woking1-3Bromsgrove Rovers
Monday April 07, 1997
Hednesford Town1-1FC Halifax Town
Saturday April 05, 1997
Bromsgrove Rovers1-0Hednesford Town
Dover Athletic3-0Morecambe
Gateshead1-0Farnborough Town
Hayes and Yeading1-1Northwich Victoria
Macclesfield FC1-1Altrincham
Rushden and Diamonds3-0Southport
Slough Town1-0FC Halifax Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 10, 41
2-2Bath City
Hedges 58
Mehew 90
Wednesday April 02, 1997
Southport2-2Kettering Town
Monday March 31, 1997
Bromsgrove Rovers2-1Bath City
Farnborough Town3-0FC Halifax Town
Hednesford Town4-1Macclesfield FC
Morecambe1-2Stevenage Borough
Northwich Victoria0-1Stalybridge Celtic
Crane, Tim 90
Rushden and Diamonds2-2Hayes and Yeading
Slough Town2-2Dover Athletic
Southport0-1AFC Telford
Welling United1-2Kettering Town
Woking2-1Kidderminster Harriers
Saturday March 29, 1997
AFC Telford1-2Woking
Bath City0-0Slough Town
Dover Athletic1-1Rushden and Diamonds
Farnborough Town1-1Altrincham
Gateshead1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Hayes and Yeading4-0Hednesford Town
Kettering Town1-0Northwich Victoria
Kidderminster Harriers2-2Morecambe
Stalybridge Celtic0-0Welling United
Stevenage Borough2-3Macclesfield FC
Friday March 28, 1997
FC Halifax Town2-0Southport
Tuesday March 25, 1997
Altrincham1-1Hednesford Town
Kettering Town1-2Stevenage Borough
Welling United0-1Rushden and Diamonds
Woking1-2Hayes and Yeading
Saturday March 22, 1997
Bromsgrove Rovers2-2Hayes and Yeading
Farnborough Town2-2Northwich Victoria
Hednesford Town0-0Kettering Town
Macclesfield FC3-0Gateshead
Morecambe3-1Dover Athletic
Rushden and Diamonds2-0AFC Telford
Slough Town1-1Southport
Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 27
Burke, Brendan 36
Jones, Steve 47, 51
4-1Kidderminster Harriers
Davies 80
Welling United1-0Altrincham
Tuesday March 18, 1997
Farnborough Town2-1Welling United
Rushden and Diamonds1-0Kettering Town
Monday March 17, 1997
Hednesford Town1-4Kidderminster Harriers
Northwich Victoria2-2FC Halifax Town
Stevenage Borough2-1Altrincham
Saturday March 15, 1997
Altrincham1-3Bath City
Bromsgrove Rovers0-1Rushden and Diamonds
FC Halifax Town1-3Dover Athletic
Kettering Town0-1AFC Telford
Macclesfield FC3-2Southport
Morecambe1-1Farnborough Town
Northwich Victoria4-2Gateshead
Slough Town1-3Hayes and Yeading
Stevenage Borough3-2Hednesford Town
Welling United0-1Kidderminster Harriers
Hay 42
Steele 45
Thompson 90
3-2Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 68, 87
Tuesday March 11, 1997
Bromsgrove Rovers0-1Kidderminster Harriers
Hayes and Yeading0-0Farnborough Town
Kettering Town3-1Altrincham
Woking2-1Welling United
Saturday March 08, 1997
AFC Telford0-2Slough Town
Bath City1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Hayes and Yeading2-3Morecambe
Kettering Town1-5Rushden and Diamonds
Kidderminster Harriers3-0FC Halifax Town
Southport0-3Farnborough Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Burke, Brendan 64
Stevenage Borough2-0Northwich Victoria
Welling United0-3Macclesfield FC
Tuesday March 04, 1997
FC Halifax Town1-0Hednesford Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 22
Jones, Steve 73
Wrightson 4
Bos 39, 49, 50
Proudlock 63
Saturday March 01, 1997
Bromsgrove Rovers0-5Northwich Victoria
Dover Athletic0-1Southport
Gateshead1-1Hayes and Yeading
Hednesford Town0-0AFC Telford
Kettering Town
Norman 24
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Macclesfield FC3-0Farnborough Town
Rushden and Diamonds2-2Slough Town
Welling United0-1FC Halifax Town
Saturday February 22, 1997
Altrincham2-3AFC Telford
Bath City0-3Macclesfield FC
Bromsgrove Rovers0-3Woking
FC Halifax Town3-0Farnborough Town
Gateshead1-0Rushden and Diamonds
Hayes and Yeading5-0Slough Town
Hednesford Town2-1Morecambe
Kettering Town3-1Kidderminster Harriers
Northwich Victoria0-0Welling United
Southport0-1Dover Athletic
Stalybridge Celtic0-3Stevenage Borough
Crawshaw 40
Soloman 55
Browne 80
Tuesday February 18, 1997
Dover Athletic2-1Welling United
Kettering Town3-1Farnborough Town
Monday February 17, 1997
Stevenage Borough2-0Hayes and Yeading
Saturday February 15, 1997
AFC Telford0-0Hayes and Yeading
Dover Athletic2-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Farnborough Town
Wingfield 8
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
FC Halifax Town4-5Bath City
Gateshead0-1Hednesford Town
Kidderminster Harriers1-1Altrincham
Macclesfield FC2-1Rushden and Diamonds
Morecambe1-2Welling United
Slough Town3-4Northwich Victoria
Stevenage Borough0-0Kettering Town
Tuesday February 11, 1997
Bath City3-1Hayes and Yeading
Macclesfield FC4-0Hednesford Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 68, 90
Gamble 34
Farley 71
Saturday February 08, 1997
Bath City2-3AFC Telford
Dover Athletic2-1Macclesfield FC
Gateshead1-1Kettering Town
Rushden and Diamonds0-2Hednesford Town
Saturday February 01, 1997
Bath City0-2Southport
Bromsgrove Rovers3-0FC Halifax Town
Dover Athletic0-1Kettering Town
Hayes and Yeading0-2Macclesfield FC
Hednesford Town2-0Woking
Northwich Victoria2-2Altrincham
Rushden and Diamonds2-1Morecambe
Slough Town0-1Gateshead
Stalybridge Celtic
Burke, Brendan 50
Trott, Dean 81
2-0Farnborough Town
Welling United2-0Stevenage Borough
Tuesday January 28, 1997
Altrincham0-1Macclesfield FC
FC Halifax Town1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Saturday January 25, 1997
AFC Telford2-2Northwich Victoria
Altrincham0-2Hayes and Yeading
Farnborough Town2-2Rushden and Diamonds
Kettering Town1-0Bath City
Macclesfield FC2-0Slough Town
Morecambe1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Southport3-2Welling United
Stalybridge Celtic
Trott, Dean 3
Hall, David 36
Arnold, Ian 68
OG 76(og)
4-2Dover Athletic
Theodosiou 1
Reina 9
Stevenage Borough2-2Kidderminster Harriers
Tuesday January 14, 1997
AFC Telford
Robinson 59
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Trott, Dean 84
Saturday January 11, 1997
Bath City2-1Morecambe
Bromsgrove Rovers0-1Stalybridge Celtic
Trott, Dean 35
Gateshead2-3AFC Telford
Hayes and Yeading1-3Stevenage Borough
Northwich Victoria2-1Kettering Town
Slough Town1-1Farnborough Town
Saturday January 04, 1997
Hayes and Yeading2-0Dover Athletic
Kidderminster Harriers1-0Northwich Victoria
Southport3-1Bath City
Wednesday January 01, 1997
Slough Town1-6Stevenage Borough
Saturday December 28, 1996
AFC Telford2-0Welling United
Altrincham3-1Bromsgrove Rovers
Farnborough Town2-3Dover Athletic
Gateshead0-1FC Halifax Town
Kidderminster Harriers6-0Bath City
Northwich Victoria1-0Morecambe
Southport1-2Hednesford Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 35
Trott, Dean 51
2-0Rushden and Diamonds
Woking2-0Slough Town
Thursday December 26, 1996
AFC Telford1-1Hednesford Town
Farnborough Town4-1Bath City
FC Halifax Town0-3Northwich Victoria
Gateshead0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Hall, David 14
Arnold, Ian 46
Hayes and Yeading3-2Woking
Kidderminster Harriers1-2Bromsgrove Rovers
Stevenage Borough2-2Slough Town
Welling United1-0Dover Athletic
Saturday December 21, 1996
Bath City0-0Stevenage Borough
Bromsgrove Rovers1-1Farnborough Town
Dover Athletic
Hanlon 42
Leworthy 89
2-1Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 27
Hayes and Yeading2-1Kettering Town
Hednesford Town0-0Gateshead
Macclesfield FC2-1AFC Telford
Rushden and Diamonds1-1Kidderminster Harriers
Woking2-2FC Halifax Town
Friday December 20, 1996
Northwich Victoria5-1Southport
Slough Town3-3Welling United
Saturday December 14, 1996
Dover Athletic2-2Northwich Victoria
Farnborough Town2-1Slough Town
FC Halifax Town1-1Morecambe
Gateshead5-0Bath City
Hednesford Town2-0Hayes and Yeading
Kidderminster Harriers4-0Kettering Town
Rushden and Diamonds1-2Bromsgrove Rovers
Stalybridge Celtic0-1Macclesfield FC
Unknown 90
Stevenage Borough3-0AFC Telford
Welling United1-1Woking
Wednesday December 11, 1996
Tuesday December 10, 1996
Macclesfield FC0-1Kidderminster Harriers
Saturday December 07, 1996
AFC Telford0-5Rushden and Diamonds
Kettering Town0-0Slough Town
Kidderminster Harriers4-1Dover Athletic
Morecambe2-4Hayes and Yeading
Northwich Victoria1-1Farnborough Town
Southport0-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Stalybridge Celtic
Burke, Brendan 66, 69
2-3FC Halifax Town
Stoneman 12(p)
Davidson 35
Horsfield 79
Welling United2-0Bath City
Saturday November 30, 1996
AFC Telford0-2Kidderminster Harriers
Bromsgrove Rovers2-3Morecambe
Farnborough Town3-3Southport
FC Halifax Town2-1Kettering Town
Hayes and Yeading0-0Gateshead
Hednesford Town
O'Connor 5
Lawrence 45
2-1Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 56
Rushden and Diamonds4-1Bath City
Slough Town0-0Macclesfield FC
Stevenage Borough4-1Dover Athletic
Welling United1-1Northwich Victoria
Tuesday November 26, 1996
Bath City2-1Hednesford Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 54
Charles, Steve 90
Ceraolo 75
Saturday November 23, 1996
Altrincham0-3Farnborough Town
Bath City1-1Woking
Dover Athletic1-4AFC Telford
FC Halifax Town1-1Welling United
Kettering Town2-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Kidderminster Harriers2-1Hednesford Town
Macclesfield FC1-0Hayes and Yeading
Morecambe2-0Rushden and Diamonds
Northwich Victoria0-1Slough Town
Stevenage Borough4-1Gateshead
Saturday November 16, 1996
Gateshead2-1Slough Town
Saturday November 09, 1996
AFC Telford2-3Morecambe
Bath City0-0FC Halifax Town
Bromsgrove Rovers1-1Stevenage Borough
Farnborough Town0-2Kettering Town
Gateshead1-2Welling United
Hayes and Yeading0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 28
Jones, Steve 51
Hednesford Town2-2Altrincham
Rushden and Diamonds1-1Dover Athletic
Slough Town0-2Kidderminster Harriers
Southport1-5Macclesfield FC
Woking3-1Northwich Victoria
Wednesday November 06, 1996
Monday November 04, 1996
Kidderminster Harriers5-1Hayes and Yeading
Saturday November 02, 1996
AFC Telford0-3Macclesfield FC
Altrincham0-1Slough Town
Dover Athletic2-2FC Halifax Town
Kettering Town4-1Gateshead
Kidderminster Harriers2-3Farnborough Town
Morecambe1-1Bath City
Northwich Victoria2-1Hayes and Yeading
Southport2-1Rushden and Diamonds
Stalybridge Celtic
Charles, Steve 17
Arnold, Ian 37
Burke, Brendan 90
3-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Stevenage Borough0-3Woking
Welling United1-2Hednesford Town
Saturday October 26, 1996
Macclesfield FC0-1Northwich Victoria
Woking2-1Kettering Town
Saturday October 19, 1996
Bath City0-2Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 45
Burke, Brendan 85
Bromsgrove Rovers3-1Dover Athletic
Farnborough Town3-1Stevenage Borough
FC Halifax Town0-4Woking
Hayes and Yeading3-1Altrincham
Hednesford Town0-1Southport
Macclesfield FC1-1Welling United
Morecambe5-2Kettering Town
Northwich Victoria1-1Kidderminster Harriers
Rushden and Diamonds0-4Gateshead
Slough Town6-0AFC Telford
Wednesday October 16, 1996
Tuesday October 15, 1996
AFC Telford1-1Bath City
Dover Athletic0-0Farnborough Town
Kettering Town0-2Hednesford Town
Macclesfield FC
Unknown 90, 90
2-0Stalybridge Celtic
Welling United1-0Hayes and Yeading
Woking3-1Stevenage Borough
Monday October 14, 1996
Kidderminster Harriers1-0Rushden and Diamonds
Saturday October 12, 1996
Altrincham2-3Northwich Victoria
Kidderminster Harriers1-0AFC Telford
Saturday October 05, 1996
Bath City1-2Altrincham
Bromsgrove Rovers2-2Gateshead
FC Halifax Town2-3Kidderminster Harriers
Hayes and Yeading0-1AFC Telford
Hednesford Town0-1Farnborough Town
Northwich Victoria2-0Dover Athletic
Rushden and Diamonds3-0Welling United
Slough Town1-2Morecambe
Stalybridge Celtic
Jones, Steve 17
Charles, Steve 44
Burke, Brendan 84
3-1Kettering Town
Berry 21
Stevenage Borough2-1Southport
Woking2-3Macclesfield FC
Wednesday October 02, 1996
Morecambe2-0Northwich Victoria
Tuesday October 01, 1996
AFC Telford3-1Bromsgrove Rovers
Johnson 68
1-0Stalybridge Celtic
Dover Athletic2-2Bath City
Macclesfield FC1-0FC Halifax Town
Slough Town3-0Woking
Monday September 30, 1996
Hednesford Town1-0Rushden and Diamonds
Saturday September 28, 1996
AFC Telford0-0Altrincham
Bromsgrove Rovers4-1Slough Town
Northwich Victoria2-1Macclesfield FC
Wednesday September 25, 1996
Gateshead0-0Macclesfield FC
Tuesday September 24, 1996
Bath City0-3Kidderminster Harriers
Farnborough Town2-1Bromsgrove Rovers
FC Halifax Town0-3AFC Telford
Hayes and Yeading1-1Welling United
Rushden and Diamonds0-1Stevenage Borough
Slough Town1-1Kettering Town
Woking1-1Dover Athletic
Saturday September 21, 1996
Altrincham0-1Kidderminster Harriers
Farnborough Town2-2Morecambe
Gateshead1-3Dover Athletic
Hayes and Yeading0-0FC Halifax Town
Kettering Town0-1Southport
Macclesfield FC2-2Bath City
Slough Town2-2Hednesford Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-1Northwich Victoria
Duffy 25
Stevenage Borough3-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Welling United2-1AFC Telford
Woking4-2Rushden and Diamonds
Tuesday September 17, 1996
AFC Telford1-0Kettering Town
Bromsgrove Rovers4-0Altrincham
Dover Athletic0-0Slough Town
FC Halifax Town4-1Stalybridge Celtic
Ellison 8
Norbury 39, 60
Trotter 69
Charles, Steve 14
Rushden and Diamonds0-2Farnborough Town
Southport0-0Northwich Victoria
Monday September 16, 1996
Kidderminster Harriers3-0Stevenage Borough
Saturday September 14, 1996
Kidderminster Harriers0-0Macclesfield FC
Northwich Victoria1-0AFC Telford
Slough Town2-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Wednesday September 11, 1996
Tuesday September 10, 1996
Altrincham2-1FC Halifax Town
Hayes and Yeading0-1Kidderminster Harriers
Kettering Town1-1Dover Athletic
Macclesfield FC0-0Morecambe
Stalybridge Celtic0-0AFC Telford
Welling United3-2Slough Town
Woking0-2Farnborough Town
Monday September 09, 1996
Hednesford Town3-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Northwich Victoria1-2Rushden and Diamonds
Stevenage Borough2-1Bath City
Saturday September 07, 1996
AFC Telford2-3Stevenage Borough
Bath City3-0Gateshead
Bromsgrove Rovers0-3Macclesfield FC
Dover Athletic2-2Altrincham
FC Halifax Town1-3Rushden and Diamonds
Kettering Town2-2Hayes and Yeading
Kidderminster Harriers3-2Welling United
Morecambe2-2Hednesford Town
Southport0-1Slough Town
Stalybridge Celtic0-2Woking
Walker 45
Hay 67
Tuesday September 03, 1996
AFC Telford1-0Southport
Bromsgrove Rovers1-2Kettering Town
Dover Athletic5-1Woking
Farnborough Town1-1Hayes and Yeading
FC Halifax Town2-0Gateshead
Rushden and Diamonds1-1Macclesfield FC
Slough Town5-2Bath City
Monday September 02, 1996
Hednesford Town3-0Northwich Victoria
Kidderminster Harriers
Hughes 34
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Arnold, Ian 65(p)
Stevenage Borough2-1Welling United
Saturday August 31, 1996
Farnborough Town1-2Gateshead
Hayes and Yeading1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Hednesford Town2-0Bath City
Kettering Town4-1FC Halifax Town
Macclesfield FC1-0Dover Athletic
Northwich Victoria0-1Stevenage Borough
Rushden and Diamonds
Cramman 87
1-1Stalybridge Celtic
Goodacre, Sammy 35
Slough Town0-1Altrincham
Southport1-0Kidderminster Harriers
Welling United1-4Morecambe
Woking0-0AFC Telford
Monday August 26, 1996
Bath City2-1Dover Athletic
Hayes and Yeading1-1Rushden and Diamonds
Kettering Town0-0Woking
Kidderminster Harriers1-2Slough Town
Macclesfield FC2-1Stevenage Borough
Morecambe0-1AFC Telford
Northwich Victoria1-0Bromsgrove Rovers
Southport2-1FC Halifax Town
Stalybridge Celtic
Hall, David 59
1-2Hednesford Town
Street 70
O'Connor 73
Welling United0-2Farnborough Town
Saturday August 24, 1996
AFC Telford0-3Gateshead
Altrincham1-1Welling United
Bath City0-2Kettering Town
Bromsgrove Rovers0-1Southport
Dover Athletic0-5Kidderminster Harriers
Farnborough Town0-1Macclesfield FC
FC Halifax Town4-1Slough Town
Rushden and Diamonds1-1Northwich Victoria
Stalybridge Celtic
Trott, Dean 48
Burke, Brendan 54, 82
3-1Hayes and Yeading
Williams 39
Stevenage Borough4-2Morecambe
Woking2-0Hednesford Town
Wednesday August 21, 1996
Gateshead5-1Northwich Victoria
Morecambe1-0Macclesfield FC
Tuesday August 20, 1996
Bromsgrove Rovers2-1AFC Telford
Dover Athletic1-0Hayes and Yeading
Farnborough Town2-1Kidderminster Harriers
FC Halifax Town1-1Altrincham
Kettering Town2-3Welling United
Slough Town5-0Rushden and Diamonds
Jones, Steve 2
Clark 32
Whittaker 43
3-0Stalybridge Celtic
Woking2-2Bath City
Monday August 19, 1996
Hednesford Town0-0Stevenage Borough
Saturday August 17, 1996
AFC Telford2-0Farnborough Town
Altrincham4-3Rushden and Diamonds
Hayes and Yeading1-1Southport
Hednesford Town1-1Dover Athletic
Kidderminster Harriers3-2Gateshead
Macclesfield FC2-0Kettering Town
Northwich Victoria1-0Bath City
Slough Town
Bolt 8(p)
Abbott 44
West 51
Blackford 83
4-1Stalybridge Celtic
Vine, Darren 39
Stevenage Borough6-0FC Halifax Town
Welling United1-2Bromsgrove Rovers