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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* GOAL! Scored by Kevin Holsgrove!
90* Nathan Heath clears corner
90 Corner for Chorley
90 Astley Mulholland shoots but it is an easy save
90 Darren Stephenson caught offside
87 Foul by James Dean on Matt Regan
84 Sub: Astley Mulholland for Josh Hine
84* Paul Ennis shoots into the side netting!
82 GOAL! Scored by James Dean! - Assist by Josh Hine
79 Sub: Jack Dorney for Jack Lynch
77 Yellow card for Dale Whitman
77 Foul just outside the box by Dale Whitman on Kevin Holsgrove
77* Scott Kerr clears corner
77 Corner for Chorley
76 Darren Stephenson shoots well wide!
75 James Dean caught offside
74 Mark Ross clears corner
74* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
73 Paul Jarvis shoots but it is an easy save
70 Sub: Paul Jarvis for Kyle Jacobs
68 Dale Whitman shoots but it is an easy save
65 Foul by Jack Lynch on Stefan Galinski
62* Ben McKenna clears corner
62 Corner for Chorley
60 Darren Stephenson caught offside
59* Kevin Holsgrove shoots wide!
57 Foul by Mark Ross on Paul Ennis
52 Handball by Darren Stephenson
51* Foul by George Lomax on Adam Mather
50 Darren Stephenson caught offside
48 Foul by Josh Hine on Kevin Holsgrove
46* Paul Ennis shoots but it is an easy save
46 Foul by Mark Ross on George Lomax
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: James Cadman for Alec Mudimu
45 Half Time
44 Mark Ross heads wide!
44 Corner cleared for another corner
44 Corner for Chorley
41* Ben McKenna shoots well wide!
40 Foul by Jack Lynch on Paul Ennis
37 Corner wasted
37 Corner for Chorley
33* Corner wasted
33* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
30 Corner for Chorley
29* Kevin Holsgrove caught offside
29* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
28 Josh Hine caught offside
27 Jack Lynch sees his shot saved
23 Heath missed a clearance and Lynch drilled home
23 GOAL! Scored by Jack Lynch!
17 Corner wasted
17 Corner for Chorley
13* Sub: Kevin Holsgrove for Liam Dickinson
13* Injury to Liam Dickinson
11 Corner wasted
11 Corner for Chorley
9 Darren Stephenson caught offside
8* Paul Ennis sees his shot saved
8* Paul Ennis shot blocked on route to goal by Kyle Jacobs
4 Foul by James Dean on Lewis King
4 Corner for Chorley
1* Matt Regan clears corner
1 Corner for Chorley
1 Kick off - Chorley
1Ashton, Sam  
2Jacobs, Kyle  > 70
3Mather, Adam  
4Teague, Andy  
5Ross, Mark  
6Cottrell, Jake  
7Hine, Josh  > 84
8Whitman, DaleYellow Card 
9Dean, James  
10Lynch, Jack  > 79
11Stephenson, Darren  
12Jarvis, Paul  < 70
14Simm, Chris  
15Dorney, Jack  < 79
16Mulholland, Astley  < 84
17Jansen, Matt