Match Report -
Beaten by the league champions
By Deborah Taylor

For the second time this season, a more accomplished Leek Town brushed aside ten-man Celtic.

It started badly when Thomas Carr found himself sandwiched between Luke Hewitson and Ethan Vaughan and the league’s to scorer, Rob Stevenson, dispatched from the spot. It went downhill when a moment of madness from captain Michael Brewster saw him lash out at Louis Keenan and see red. After Daniel Trickett-Smith tried his luck from the edge of the box with a weak shot, Celtic shot themselves in their other foot when Hewitson and Connor O’Grady had a failure to communicate and O’Grady’s looping header sailed over Hewitson into the back of Celtic’s net.

Though Jordan Butterworth had Celtic’s only shot of the match in the second half, but that was after Leek had put themselves three up when Stevenson squeezed a snap shot between Hewitson and the near post. O’Grady kept it at three, denying Tim Grice’s shot with a stuck out foot on the line in a game where Leek put one foot over the line for a mathematical title. They could put the other foot over the line on Monday away at Newcastle Town, while Celtic will face Mossley and hope other results go our way to keep us in touch with the play-offs.

1Visser, Dino  
2Buckley, Liam  
3Keenan, Louis  
4Ndene, Julius  
5Harrison, Oliver  
6Green, Fenton  
7Grocott, Marcus  > 65
8Weir, Lucas  
9Carr, Thomas  > 58
10Trickett-Smith, Daniel  
11Stevenson, RobYellow Card > 69
12Reilly, Tom  < 65
14Grice, Tim  < 58
15Opoku, Aaron  < 69
16Bavington, Oliver  
17Parked, Xander