Match Report -
No cutting edge
By Deborah Taylor

All the action against Northwich came in the second half, without a single shot on goal by either team in the first half.

In the second half, Celtic flooded down the considerable slope. Connor O’Grady headed a free kick finally to register a shot, but the former Celtic keeper, Josh Ollerenshaw, caught well. Darius Palma couldn’t curl his shot enough to creep in the far post, as Celtic looked the more likely of the two teams to score. The home team got one chance, Max Chimenes coming in from an angle and firing off a rocket, but Luke Hewitson pulled off the save, tipping the ball over the bar. The last fifteen was one way traffic. Cole Lonsdale fired too high, Max Leonard too wide. Jack Irlam pulled a great stop out of the bag from Ollerenshaw and, after a great twisting run, Obua Mugalula had a chance right at the death to snatch the points, but fired over.

1Ollerenshaw, Josh  
2Marrow, Jack  
3Oliver, Sam  > 89
4Fenton, Matthew  
5Jones, Mark  
6Mullarkey, Benji  
7Crawford, Jamal  > 60
8Woolley, MatthewYellow Card 
9Chimenes, Max  
10Birchall, MattyYellow Card 
11Nicholson, Jamie  
14Sodhi, Jonny  
15Byrne, EricYellow Card < 60
16Bradley, Lewis  
17Munoz, Mooney Gabby  < 89