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Celtic dominate the chances but draw at home against Bootle
By Deborah Taylor

The Bootle goal led a charmed life at times, as Celtic dominated the chances. Ultimately, taking the chances takes the points.

An opening headed goal from Leon Legge was cancelled out by an equaliser from Obua Mugalula and with several good chances spurned by Celtic, the points were shared.

Celtic are looking more settled with each passing match. A seventy-five yard pass from Greg Wilkinson right into the path of Obua Mugalula showed how in tune they are. Unfortunately, Aaron Dwyer couldn’t connect properly with Mugalula’s grass cutting pass. Moments later, Celtic rued the missed chance. A floated ball into the box from a corner saw Leon Legge ghost past the Celtic defence to head powerfully past a blocked off Luke Hewitson. He nearly did it again twenty minutes later from another corner, this time wide.

Celtic re-established parity on a breakaway goal, leaving Bootle trailing as Dwyer raced up field. On one side, he had Jordan Buton, and Mugalula came up to the left. Dwyer placed a perfect ball into Burton’s’ path who curled his shot past the covering defender, only to hit the post. Mugalula pounced and side footed home. Chance after chance came for Celtic as the half wore on. Dwyer tried an overhead kick, but lacked the pace to beat Owen Mooney. Dwyer and Mugalula both spurned chances, and the sides went in level.

Celtic’s chance domination continued into the second half, but finding the back of the net proved harder. Mugalula shot from the edge of the box, and Connor O’Grady stayed up from a corner, but headed the floated cross from Brandon Newell wide of the mark. Burton cut inside, but Mooney smothered the ball, only finally beaten when Max Harrop’s free kick sailed over him, smacking the bar. Bootle half cleared, but it came straight back and it required a spectacular save from Dwyer, tipping the ball over the bar. Greg Wilkinson moved forward, looking for a winner, but Mooney denied him. The Bootle keeper saved the best save of the match to deny Dwyer as he burst through the crowd, getting across and down to deny Dwyer. Bootle got some almost chances, but nothing like the way Celtic peppered the visitors.

1Mooney, Owen  
2Vaughan, Ethen  
3Lomax-Jones, ArthurYellow Card > 65
4Moore, Thomas  
5Legge, Leon  
6Doyle, CharlieYellow Card 
7Fawns, Mason  > 65
8Reeves, WilliamYellow Card 
9Milne, Stephen  > 77
10Scarisbrick, Andrew  
11Hodkinson, Ben  
12Cooper, James  
14Gallagher-Allison, Calen  < 65
15Carney, Craig  < 65
16McGowan, Jack  < 77
17Hardy, Joseph  
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