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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Attendance: 677
90* Lucas Cook clears corner
90 5 added minutes
90 Corner for Bootle
85 Foul just outside the box by Charlie Doyle on Obua Mugalula
84* Michael Brewster shoots over
84* Aaron Dwyer forces keeper into a great save!
83* Foul by Max Harrop on Calen Gallagher-Allison
82 Ben Hodkinson sees his shot saved
81 Foul by William Reeves on Greg Wilkinson
80* Greg Wilkinson shoots but it is an easy save
80* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78* Yellow card for Jake Kenny
78* Foul by Jake Kenny on Craig Carney
77 Sub: Jack McGowan for Stephen Milne
75 Craig Carney clears corner
75* Aaron Dwyer's shot deflected for a corner by Thomas Moore
73* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Leon Legge
72* Greg Wilkinson shoots wide!
72* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
71 Handball by William Reeves
71* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Andrew Scarisbrick
70 Foul by Stephen Milne on Jake Kenny
69 Andrew Scarisbrick shoots narrowly wide
68 Handball by Ben Hodkinson
67 Ben Hodkinson shoots but it is an easy save
67 Corner for Bootle
65 Sub: Calen Gallagher-Allison for Arthur Lomax-Jones
65 Sub: Craig Carney for Mason Fawns
65* Sub: Joe Edwards for Jordan Burton
63 Leon Legge clears corner
63* Aaron Dwyer's shot tipped over the bar: corner
63* Max Harrop free kick hits the woodwork and is cleared
62 Yellow card for Arthur Lomax-Jones
62 Foul by Arthur Lomax-Jones on Max Harrop
61 Foul by Arthur Lomax-Jones on Jake Kenny
61 Mason Fawns caught offside
60* Aaron Dwyer caught offside
60* Foul by Max Harrop on William Reeves
60* Jordan Burton sees his shot saved
59* Foul by Max Harrop on William Reeves
58* Connor O'Grady heads narrowly wide
58 Arthur Lomax-Jones clears corner
58* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
57 Yellow card for Charlie Doyle
57 Foul by Charlie Doyle on Brandon Newell
54* Obua Mugalula shoots over
52* Foul by Michael Brewster on William Reeves
51 Leon Legge heads wide!
51 Corner for Bootle
48* Lucas Cook clears corner
47 Corner for Bootle
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Aaron Dwyer shoots narrowly wide
45* Foul just outside the box by Brandon Newell on Ben Hodkinson
45* Obua Mugalula shoots wide!
39 Leon Legge caught offside
39* Yellow card for Brandon Newell
39* Foul by Brandon Newell on Mason Fawns
38* Aaron Dwyer shoots over
35 Yellow card for William Reeves
35 An awful foul by William Reeves on Brandon Newell
32 Andrew Scarisbrick shoots well wide!
31* Obua Mugalula shoots wide!
29* Aaron Dwyer sees his volley saved
29 Handball by Mason Fawns
28* Max Harrop clears corner
28 Corner for Bootle
26 Charlie Doyle clears corner
26* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
25 Foul by Charlie Doyle on Brandon Newell
25 Foul by Charlie Doyle on Jordan Burton
23* Brandon Newell clears corner
23 Corner for Bootle
22 Dwyers run set up Jordan but he hit the post and Obua side footed the equaliser
22* GOAL! Scored by Obua Mugalula! - Assist by Jordan Burton
21* Jordan Burton shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
20 Foul by Stephen Milne on Brandon Newell
19 Leon Legge heads wide!
19 Corner for Bootle
17 Stephen Milne caught offside
12* Foul by Aaron Dwyer on Leon Legge
12 Legge ghosted through the crowd on corner and headed powerfully
12 GOAL! Scored by Leon Legge! - Assist by Ethen Vaughan
12 Corner for Bootle
8 Foul by Stephen Milne on Brandon Newell
7* Foul by Jake Kenny on Mason Fawns
6 Inch perfect 70 yard pass from Greg into Obua's path, but Aaron missed the low ball
4 Corner for Bootle
1* Max Harrop shoots over
1* Aaron Dwyer puts in a good cross
1 Kick off - Bootle
1Mooney, Owen  
2Vaughan, Ethen  
3Lomax-Jones, ArthurYellow Card > 65
4Moore, Thomas  
5Legge, Leon  
6Doyle, CharlieYellow Card 
7Fawns, Mason  > 65
8Reeves, WilliamYellow Card 
9Milne, Stephen  > 77
10Scarisbrick, Andrew  
11Hodkinson, Ben  
12Cooper, James  
14Gallagher-Allison, Calen  < 65
15Carney, Craig  < 65
16McGowan, Jack  < 77
17Hardy, Joseph