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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Matty Young
90* Foul by Paul Sykes
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90* Steve Torpey shoots wide!
90* Barrie Keeling shot blocked on route to goal
89 Yellow card for Danny Lowe
89 Foul by Danny Lowe
84* Danny Wood shoots wide!
83* Sub: Danny Wood for Chris Williams
81 Foul by Richard Marshall
81* Keith Briggs shot blocked on route to goal
81 Foul by Darren Dunning
80* Lee Ellington caught offside
80* Paul Sykes sees his shot saved
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78* Andrew Smart sees his shot saved
77 Matty Young caught offside
77* Steve Torpey shoots wide!
76* GOAL! Scored by Matty Barlow!
74 Yellow card for Ryan Toulson
74 Foul by Ryan Toulson
73* Foul by Paul Sykes
70 Matty Young shoots wide!
68* Lee Ellington shoots wide!
68* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
68* Lee Ellington sees his shot saved
66* Lee Ellington shoots wide!
66* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64* Andrew Smart shoots wide!
64* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64 Foul by Michael Roddy
63 Danny Holland shoots wide!
61* Ashley Woolliscroft shoots wide!
60 Foul by Richard Marshall
56* Foul by Paul Sykes
54 Sub: Richard Marshall for James Dean
52 Foul by Michael Roddy
51 Danny Holland shoots wide!
50* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50* Keith Briggs sees his shot saved
50* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
48 Foul by Denny Ingram
46* Lee Ellington shoots wide!
46 Kick off - Harrogate Town
45 Half Time
41* Steve Torpey caught offside
39* Chris Williams shoots wide!
37* Chris Williams shoots wide!
36 James Dean caught offside
35 Nathan Peat shoots wide!
34* Foul by Barrie Keeling
33 Michael Roddy shoots wide!
32* Chris Williams shoots wide!
31* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
31* Lee Ellington shot blocked on route to goal
31 Foul by Denny Ingram
30 GOAL! Scored by James Dean!
29 Foul by James Dean
28 James Dean sees his shot saved
27 GOAL! Scored by Danny Holland!
26* Foul by Paul Sykes
25 Foul by Michael Roddy
24 Matty Young caught offside
18* Paul Sykes shoots wide!
17* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
15 Foul by Darren Dunning
15 Matty Young shoots wide!
14* Foul by Matty Barlow
12* Paul Sykes sees his shot saved
12 Foul by Ryan Toulson
11* Foul by Matty Barlow
10 GOAL! Scored by Matty Young!
8* Foul by Matty Barlow
8 Foul by James Dean
6* Paul Sykes shoots wide!
6* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5* Andrew Smart shoots wide!
2 Shane Killock shoots wide!
2 Corner for Harrogate Town
1 Foul by Danny Lowe
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Harrogate Town
1Provett, Jim  
2Toulson, RyanYellow Card 
3Lowe, DannyYellow Card 
4Ingram, Denny  
5Killock, Shane  
6Peat, Nathan  
7Young, Matty  
8Dunning, Darren  
9Dean, James  > 54
10Holland, Danny  
11Roddy, Michael  
12Marshall, Richard  < 54
14Ormsby, Liam  
15Reay, Shaun  
16Gray, Nicky  
17Hedge, Jonathan