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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Yellow card for Joseph Robbins
90 Corner wasted
90 Corner cleared for another corner
90 Mackenzie ONeill's shot deflected for a corner by Connor O'Grady
90 7 added minutes
90 Kieran Knapper shoots wide!
89 Yellow card for Kieran Knapper
89 Foul by Kieran Knapper on Cole Lonsdale
88 Foul by Will Saxon on Connor O'Grady
86* Darius Osei clears corner
86 Corner for Runcorn Linnets
85 Will Saxon caught offside
85 Ryan Brooke shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
84 Sub: Ryan Brooke for Olly Molloy
79* Foul by Dale Whitham on Olly Molloy
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
75* Sub: Rio Clegg for Jordan Burton
75 Attendance: 861
74* Foul by Darius Osei on Sean OMahony
74 James Short with a shot from distance but it is an easy save
72* Yellow card for Max Leonard
72* Foul by Max Leonard on Olly Molloy
70* Aaron Dwyer shoots over
70* Jordan Burton's shot deflected for a corner by Sean OMahony
67 Foul by Sam Barrett on Darius Osei
67 Corner for Runcorn Linnets
66* Sub: Joseph Robbins for Michael Brewster
66 Foul by Sean OMahony on Cole Lonsdale
65 Corner for Runcorn Linnets
61 Foul by Will Saxon on Michael Brewster
59* Aaron Dwyer with a free kick narrowly wide
58 Yellow card for Lewis Doyle
58 Foul just outside the box by Lewis Doyle on Obua Mugalula
57 Foul by Kieran Knapper on Obua Mugalula
55* Sub: Pawel Zuk for Scott Wara
52* Yellow card for Connor O'Grady
52* Foul just outside the box by Connor O'Grady on Mackenzie ONeill
48 Kieran Knapper caught offside
47* Connor O'Grady clears corner
47 Olly Molloy's shot pushed round the post: corner
46 Olly Molloy heads wide!
46* Foul by Scott Wara on Mackenzie ONeill
46 Kick off - Runcorn Linnets
45 Half Time
42* Dale Whitham shoots wide!
39* Obua Mugalula's shot blocked on the line by Sean OMahony
38* Yellow card for Scott Wara
38* Foul by Scott Wara on Olly Molloy
33* Yellow card for Michael Brewster
33 Yellow card for Jacques Welch
33 Foul by Jacques Welch on Michael Brewster
33* Obua Mugalula heads over
29* Corner sent too far
29* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
27 Will Saxon caught offside
26* Foul by Dale Whitham on Mackenzie ONeill
24* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Sean OMahony
24* Foul by Dale Whitham on James Short
21 A cross into the box turned into a shot as it sailed over Luke
21 GOAL! Scored by Sean OMahony!
20 Corner for Runcorn Linnets
20* Foul by Dale Whitham on Sean OMahony
19 Sam Barrett forces keeper into a great save!
17 Yellow card for Sean OMahony
17 Foul by Sean OMahony on Darius Osei
14 Will Saxon caught offside
14 Mackenzie ONeill sees his shot saved
10 Foul by Lewis Doyle on Dale Whitham
8 Olly Molloy clears corner
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
8 Foul by Mackenzie ONeill on Michael Brewster
5* Foul by Connor O'Grady on Olly Molloy
4* Foul by Cole Lonsdale on Kieran Knapper
3* Aaron Dwyer shoots wide!
2 Mackenzie ONeill caught offside
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Runcorn Linnets
1Passant, Bayleigh  
2Barrett, Sam  
3Short, James  
4Welch, JacquesYellow Card 
5OMahony, SeanYellow Card 
6Kay, Antony  
7Knapper, KieranYellow Card 
8Doyle, LewisYellow Card 
9Molloy, Olly  > 84
10Saxon, Will  
11ONeill, Mackenzie  
12Wylie, Peter  
14Byrne, Eric  
15Moseley, Adam  
16Jones, Alex  
17Brooke, Ryan  < 84