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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Foul by Connor O'Grady on Joseph Duckworth
90* Foul by Scott Wara on Connor Hughes
90* Yellow card for Joseph Robbins
90* Foul by Joseph Robbins on Connor Hughes
90 5 added minutes
89 Connor Hughes heads wide!
87 another cross across the face and placed
87 GOAL! Scored by Connor Hughes! - Assist by Joseph Duckworth
86 Foul by Connor Hughes on Scott Wara
85 Harry Brazel sees his shot saved
83 Corner wasted
82 Corner for Witton Albion
81 Connor Hughes shoots well over the bar
79* Sub: Max Leonard for Obua Mugalula
77 Sub: Oliver Hitchcox for Elliot Rokka
76 Foul by Cameron Fogerty on Connor O'Grady
73 Connor Hughes caught offside
73 Sub: Connor Hughes for James Lawrie
73* Red card for Craig Hobson
73* Foul by Craig Hobson on James Lawrie
71 Foul by Michael Koral on Taylor McMahon
70 James Lawrie caught offside
67* Corner sent too far
67* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
66* Taylor McMahon shoots wide!
65* Yellow card for Taylor McMahon
65* Foul by Taylor McMahon on Harry Brazel
62* Sub: Craig Hobson for Darius Palma
62 Sub: Taylor Kennerley for Lee Jackson
62 Foul by Elliot Rokka on Taylor McMahon
57 Foul by Elliot Rokka on Scott Wara
55 Shambolic defending
55 GOAL! Scored by James Lawrie! - Assist by Harry Brazel
55 Elliot Rokka caught offside
54* Joseph Robbins shoots but it is an easy save
53 Foul by Elliot Rokka on Taylor McMahon
52 Foul by Joseph Duckworth on Connor O'Grady
47 Attendance: 542
47* Foul by Scott Wara on Ben Harrison
46* Corner wasted
46* Joe Edwards's shot tipped over the bar: corner
46 Kick off - Witton Albion
45* Sub: Joe Edwards for Greg Wilkinson
45 Half Time
42 Michael Koral clears corner
42* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
41 Yellow card for Cameron Fogerty
39 Foul by Lee Jackson on Darius Osei
37 Joseph Duckworth caught offside
35 Foul by Elliot Rokka on Luke Hewitson
34 Corner for Witton Albion
33* Foul by Dale Whitham on Cameron Fogerty
26* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Elliot Rokka
24 Elliot Rokka shoots wide!
23 Matthew Lowton forces keeper into a great save with a header!
23 Corner for Witton Albion
22 Simple cross from 2 headed past Luke
22* GOAL! Knocked into his own net by Connor O'Grady
20 Corner wasted
20 Corner cleared for another corner
19 Corner for Witton Albion
13* Obua Mugalula clears corner
13 Corner for Witton Albion
11* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
11 James Lawrie caught offside
8* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Michael Koral
6 Foul by Harry Brazel on Scott Wara
2* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
2 Foul by Joseph Duckworth on Connor O'Grady
1 Kick off - Witton Albion
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hewitson, Luke  
2Zuk, Pawel  
3McMahon, TaylorYellow Card 
4Wilkinson, Greg  > 45
5O'Grady, Connor  
6Wara, Scott  
7Mugalula, Obua  > 79
8Whitham, Dale  
9Osei, Darius  
10Robbins, JosephYellow Card 
11Palma, Darius  > 62
12Leonard, Max  < 79
14Hobson, CraigRed Card < 62
15Byrne, Brad  
16Edwards, Joe  < 45
17Burton, Jordan