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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Foul by Jack Irlam on Nathan Koehler
89 4 added minutes
89 Attendance: 814
89 Sub: Luke Pritchard for Anthony Donaldson
86 Yellow card for James Foley
86 Foul just outside the box by James Foley on Jack Irlam
85 John Murphy clears corner
85* Yellow card for Michael Brewster
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
82 Sam OHalleron shoots into the keeper's arms
76* Jordan Burton heads into the keeper's arms
76 Sub: Sam OHalleron for Kyle Sambor
73* Yellow card for Jack Irlam
73* Foul by Jack Irlam on Jack Goodwin
73* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
71* Yellow card for Obua Mugalula
71* Foul by Obua Mugalula on Jack Goodwin
71 Jack Goodwin clears corner
71* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
66* Darius Osei caught offside
66 Nathan Koehler clears corner
66* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64* Cole Lonsdale clears corner
64 Corner for Prescot Cables
63* Darius Osei shot hits the woodwork and out!
62 Corner caught by the keeper
62 Corner for Prescot Cables
60 John Murphy caught offside
57 Foul by Jack Goodwin on Pawel Zuk
53 Kyle Sambor clears corner
53* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50 Foul by Anthony Donaldson on Max Leonard
46* Foul by Max Leonard on John Murphy
46 Kick off - Prescot Cables
45 Half Time
45 John Murphy shoots narrowly wide
45 Yellow card for Kyle Sambor
45 Foul by Kyle Sambor on Jordan Burton
41* Max Leonard shoots over
40 Foul by Alex McNally on Jordan Burton
38* GOAL! Scored by Jack Irlam! - Assist by Darius Osei
36* Max Leonard clears corner
35 Corner for Prescot Cables
34 Foul just outside the box by Alex McNally on Jordan Burton
30 Foul by Jack Goodwin on Obua Mugalula
28 Foul by John Murphy on Scott Wara
27 GOAL! Scored by John Murphy!
27 James Foley's shot blocked on the line by Scott Wara
25* Cole Lonsdale sees his free kick saved
25 Foul just outside the box by James Foley on Max Leonard
25* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
23 Foul by Francis Smith on Michael Brewster
21* Darius Osei caught offside
18 John Murphy shoots wide!
17* Obua Mugalula shoots into the side netting!
15* Jordan Burton shoots well wide!
14 Foul by James Foley on Jordan Burton
12* Darius Osei heads over
12* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
12 Foul by John Murphy on Scott Wara
6 John Murphy clears corner
6* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
3* Foul by Michael Brewster on Anthony Donaldson
1* Foul by Joseph Robbins on John Murphy
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Prescot Cables
1Allen, Mitchell  
2McNally, Alex  
3Devine, Matthew  
4Koehler, Nathan  
5Hollett, Liam  
6Smith, Francis  
7Goodwin, Jack  
8Foley, JamesYellow Card 
9Murphy, John  
10Donaldson, Anthony  > 89
11Sambor, KyleYellow Card > 76
12OHalleron, Sam  < 76
14Devine, James  
15Pritchard, Luke  < 89
16Owens, Tom