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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Corner sent too far
90 Corner for Newcastle Town
90* Yellow card for Jordan Burton
90* Handball by Jai Curran-Nicholls
90 Found Scott with the free kick and smashed home
90* GOAL! Scored by Scott Wara! - Assist by Aaron Dwyer
90 4 added minutes
90 Yellow card for Jack Derbyshire
90 Foul by Jack Derbyshire
86* Joe Edwards clears corner
86 Corner for Newcastle Town
84* Matty Bryan caught offside
84 Handball by Kingsley Adu Gymfi
83* Sub: Joe Edwards for Max Leonard
82* Matty Bryan caught offside
78 Foul by Dan Cockerline on Scott Wara
78 Corner cleared for another corner
78 Isaac Graham's distance pushed round the post: corner
77* Matty Bryan caught offside
76 Foul by Kingsley Adu Gymfi on Scott Wara
75* Max Leonard caught offside
75* Foul by Greg Wilkinson on Kingsley Adu Gymfi
73 Foul by Isaac Graham on Jordan Burton
71 Dan Cockerline shoots over
70* Sub: Jordan Burton for Jack Irlam
69* Foul by Michael Brewster on Isaac Graham
66* Sub: Brandon Newell for Brad Byrne
65 Kyle Stubbs with a free kick over
65* Foul just outside the box by Brad Byrne on Dan Edwards
63 Corner sent too far
63 Corner for Newcastle Town
62 Dan Cockerline shoots well wide!
60* Max Leonard caught offside
59* Aaron Dwyer shoots wide!
57 Sub: Kingsley Adu Gymfi for Callum Speed
57 Corner for Newcastle Town
54 Dan Cockerline caught offside
54 Half cleared and fired in, taking a deflection
54 GOAL! Scored by Ollie Ritchie!
54 Corner for Newcastle Town
51 Corner for Newcastle Town
47* Matty Bryan shoots narrowly wide
46 Kick off - Newcastle Town
45 Sub: Jack Van Der Alan for Tommy Van Der Alan
45 Half Time
45* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
45 Foul by Joe Hurst on Aaron Dwyer
45 Dan Cockerline caught offside
45 Squared after a great run, side footed in
45* GOAL! Scored by Brad Byrne! - Assist by Aaron Dwyer
45 3 added minutes
43 Straight from corner to Cockerlines head
43 GOAL! Scored by Dan Cockerline with a header!
43 Ollie Ritchie's shot tipped over the bar: corner
41 Foul by Dan Cockerline on Jai Curran-Nicholls
39* Brad Byrne shoots well over the bar
39* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
39 Jack Derbyshire nearly put it in his own net - corner
39* Matty Bryan puts in a good cross
38 Foul by Phoenix Lee on Scott Wara
37* Aaron Dwyer sees his distance saved
36* Handball by Aaron Dwyer
35* Foul by Scott Wara on Dan Cockerline
31 Great through ball beat the offside trap and one on one, Matty made no mistake
31* GOAL! Scored by Matty Bryan! - Assist by Max Leonard
30* Max Leonard caught offside
28* Aaron Dwyer caught offside
26* Brad Byrne shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
26* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
26* Max Leonard caught offside
24* Yellow card for Aaron Dwyer
24 Yellow card for Isaac Graham
21 Dan Cockerline caught offside
16 Made the space and fired low
16* GOAL! Scored by Aaron Dwyer! - Assist by Brad Byrne
14 Yellow card for Tommy Van Der Alan
14 Phoenix Lee shoots over
10* Foul by Aaron Dwyer on Joe Hurst
9* Matty Bryan caught offside
7* Matty Bryan shoots over
5 Long throw headed over Luke
5 GOAL! Scored by Tommy Van Der Alan! - Assist by Kyle Stubbs
3* Foul by Michael Brewster on Isaac Graham
1* Matty Bryan caught offside
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hewitson, Luke  
2Wara, Scott  
3Kenny, Jake  
4Brewster, Michael  
5Wilkinson, Greg  
6Curran-Nicholls, Jai  
7Byrne, Brad  > 66
8Irlam, Jack  > 70
9Bryan, Matty  
10Leonard, Max  > 83
11Dwyer, AaronYellow Card 
12Effunnuga, Aderemi  
14Burton, JordanYellow Card < 70
15Newell, Brandon  < 66
16Edwards, Joe  < 83
17Mugalula, Obua