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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Foul by Harry Jessop on Justin Johnson
90 Joe Wilson shoots into the keeper's arms
90 Neale Bishop clears corner
90 5 added minutes
89* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
89* Scott Bakkor sees his shot saved
89 Sub: Jack Gibson for Brad Grayson
87* Justin Johnson shoots well over the bar
86 Corner wasted
86 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
85* Keeper takes the ball at Charley Doyle's feet
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
84 Brad Grayson with a free kick over
84* Foul by Luke Barlow on Brad Grayson
83* Foul by Kieran Wells on Liam Waldock
81 Corner wasted
81 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
79* Connor O’Grady heads but it is an easy save
79 Foul by Callum Minkley on Scott Bakkor
78* Foul by Kieran Wells on Callum Minkley
78* Scott Bakkor's shot tipped over the bar: corner
77 Foul by Alexander Wollerton on Luke Barlow
75 Attendance: 512
70* Sub: Charley Doyle for Ethan Padden
69 Brad Grayson caught offside
68 Billy Brooks shoots into the keeper's arms
67 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
60 Brad Grayson forces keeper into a great save!
58* Justin Johnson clears corner
58 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
56* Sub: Jay Fitzmartin for Callum Harris
55 Foul by Callum Minkley on Kieran Wells
49 Harry Jessop caught offside
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Luke Barlow for Shane Killock
45 Half Time
45 GOAL! Scored by Brad Grayson! - Assist by Joe Wilson
45 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
44* Foul just outside the box by Ashley Smith-Brown on Harry Jessop
39 Harry Jessop caught offside
38 Harry Jessop shoots into the keeper's arms
33* Scott Bakkor shoots but it is an easy save
32* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Neale Bishop
29* Callum Harris forces keeper into a great save!
24 Lewis Butroid shoots well over the bar
24 Sub: Billy Brooks for George Hornshaw
19* Foul by Kieran Wells on Neale Bishop
13* Shane Killock clears corner
13 Corner cleared for another corner
13 Lewis Butroid shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
13 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
9* Justin Johnson shoots over
5* Goal disallowed as Callum Harris was offside
5* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
5 Foul by Neale Bishop on Scott Bakkor
3 Liam Waldock shoots wide!
1* Foul by Sam Wedgbury on Harvey Cartwright
1* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1 Kick off - Gainsborough Trinity
Stalybridge Celtic
1Hood, Lewis  
2O’Grady, Connor  
3Smith-Brown, Ashley  
4Wedgbury, Sam  
5Quansah, Keenan  
6Killock, Shane  > 45
7Bakkor, Scott  
8Harris, Callum  > 56
9Wells, Kieran  
10Padden, Ethan  > 70
11Johnson, Justin  
12Barlow, Luke  < 45
14O'Halloran, Stephen  
15Doyle, Charley  < 70
16Fitzmartin, Jay  < 56
17Nyaupembe, Douglas