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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Corner wasted
90 Corner for Buxton
90* Foul by Jack Ryan on Tommy Elliott
90 6 added minutes
88* Stephen Brogan caught offside
87* Foul by Ethan Padden on Lindon Meikle
85 Sub: Jack Dillingham for Nathan Fox
85* Keenan Quansah heads over
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
84 Foul by Matt Curley on Scott Bakkor
79* Ioan Evans heads wide!
79* Sub: Douglas Nyaupembe for Ashley Smith-Brown
79* Sub: Ethan Padden for Callum Harris
79* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
76* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Matt Curley
75 Warren Clarke heads over
73 Sub: Seem Hinds for Chris Dawson
69* Yellow card for Sam Wedgbury
69 Tommy Elliott shoots well over the bar
69 Lindon Meikle clears corner
69* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
68 Diego De Giralamo shoots but it is an easy save
67 GOAL! Scored by Warren Clarke!
64 Tommy Elliott caught offside
63* Scott Bakkor forces keeper into a great save!
61* Foul by Luke Barlow on Diego De Giralamo
60* Jack Ryan caught offside
58 Foul by Ben Milne on Luke Barlow
56* Yellow card for Scott Bakkor
56* Foul by Scott Bakkor
55* Jack Ryan caught offside
54 Foul just outside the box by Josh Granite on Scott Bakkor
48 Sub: Ben Milne for Jamie Ward
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Matt Curley
45* Callum Harris shoots wide!
44 Foul just outside the box by Tommy Elliott on Scott Bakkor
37 Diego De Giralamo shoots into the keeper's arms
36 Diego De Giralamo shoots but it is an easy save
34 GOAL! Scored by Warren Clarke with a header! - Assist by Diego De Giralamo
32 Warren Clarke clears corner
32* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
26 Diego De Giralamo caught offside
22* Foul by Sam Wedgbury on Ben Turner
14 Jamie Ward caught offside
14* Foul by Stephen Brogan on Tommy Elliott
10 Jamie Ward shoots into the keeper's arms
8 Ben Turner shoots wide!
7 Corner for Buxton
4* Foul by Keano Deacon on Lindon Meikle
1 Kick off - Buxton
Stalybridge Celtic
1Shenton, Grant  
2Smith-Brown, Ashley  > 79
3Brogan, Stephen  
4Evans, Ioan  
5Quansah, Keenan  
6Barlow, Luke  
7Deacon, Keano  
8Wedgbury, SamYellow Card 
9Ryan, Jack  
10Bakkor, ScottYellow Card 
11Harris, Callum  > 79
12Padden, Ethan  < 79
14O'Halloran, Stephen  
15Jones, Matty  
16Nyaupembe, Douglas  < 79
17Bellagambi, Giosue