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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Charlie Bailey clears corner
90* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
90 Attendance: 370
90 3 added minutes
89 Sub: Simon Wills for Matty Blinkhorn
89 Yellow card for Andy Teague
89 Foul by Andy Teague on Lewis Salmon
86 Foul by Tom Kilifin on Kallum Mantack
86 Corner for Lancaster City
83* Ben Woods clears corner
83 Corner for Lancaster City
83 GOAL! Scored by Tom Kilifin! - Assist by Andy Teague
78 Foul by Jacub Gregory on Jonathan Ustabasi
76 Andy Teague heads narrowly wide
76 Corner for Lancaster City
76 Tom Kilifin forces keeper into a great save!
76 Christian Sloan shoots into the keeper's arms
75* Sub: Lewis Salmon for Mike Burke
73 Handball by Jacub Gregory
73* Nic Evangelinos shot blocked on route to goal by Charlie Bailey
72* Foul by Charley Doyle on Niall Cowperthwaite
70 Charlie Bailey shoots wide!
67 Jacub Gregory heads over
65* Jonathan Ustabasi sees his free kick saved
65 Yellow card for Christian Sloan
65 Foul just outside the box by Christian Sloan on Charley Doyle
64 Sub: Jacub Gregory for Sam Bailey
64 Corner wasted
64 Corner for Lancaster City
60* Sub: Nic Evangelinos for Krisel Prifti
60 Sub: Tom Kilifin for Robert Wilson
58* Foul by Damani Holness on Niall Cowperthwaite
56* Sub: Damani Holness for Anthony Williams
56 Foul by Robert Wilson on Ben Woods
55 Matty Blinkhorn heads over
52 Glenn Steel heads over
51 Corner for Lancaster City
49 Christian Sloan sees his header saved
48 Corner cleared for another corner
47 Corner for Lancaster City
47* Foul by Mike Burke on Andy Teague
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Tom Wilson heads over
45* Tom Wilson's header tipped over the bar: corner
45 Yellow card for Niall Cowperthwaite
45 Foul by Niall Cowperthwaite on Jonathan Ustabasi
45 Andy Teague clears corner
44* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
43 Foul by Charlie Bailey on Krisel Prifti
42 Robert Wilson shoots wide!
40* GOAL! Scored by Charley Doyle! - Assist by Jonathan Ustabasi
35 Yellow card for Glenn Steel
35 Foul just outside the box by Charlie Bailey on Mike Burke
34 Charlie Bailey shoots narrowly wide
33 Sam Bailey with a free kick narrowly wide
33* Foul just outside the box by Charley Doyle on Niall Cowperthwaite
30* Foul by Mike Burke
29 Foul by Niall Cowperthwaite on Jonathan Ustabasi
27 Foul by Matty Blinkhorn on Tom Wilson
27 Corner for Lancaster City
27* Foul by Charley Doyle on Robert Wilson
26 Foul by Niall Cowperthwaite on Anthony Williams
25 Rhys Turner heads wide!
23* Foul by Scott Sephton on Rhys Turner
21* Jonathan Ustabasi shoots wide!
18* Foul by Ben Woods on Sam Bailey
16* Charley Doyle with a shot from distance wide!
15 Matty Blinkhorn caught offside
14 Matty Blinkhorn shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
10* Charley Doyle clears corner
10 Corner for Lancaster City
7 Robert Wilson shoots over
7 Charlie Bailey's shot deflected for a corner by Kallum Mantack
1 Kick off - Lancaster City
Lancaster City
1Ashton, Sam  
2Fensome, Lewis  
3Bailey, Charlie  
4Cowperthwaite, NiallYellow Card 
5Teague, AndyYellow Card 
6Steel, GlennYellow Card 
7Bailey, Sam  > 64
8Wilson, Robert  > 60
9Blinkhorn, Matty  > 89
10Turner, Rhys  
11Sloan, ChristianYellow Card 
12Hudson, Ben  
14Gregory, Jacub  < 64
15Dugdale, Paul  
16Wills, Simon  < 89
17Kilifin, Tom  < 60