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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Foul just outside the box by A Trialist on Callum Schorah
90* Ben Woods shoots well over the bar
87* Foul by Tom Wilson on Sonny Parr
84 Stunning goal, 20 yards and rising into the top corner
84* GOAL! Scored by Jonathan Ustabasi! - Assist by A Trialist
83 Foul by Trialist on Tom Wilson
80 Kyle Schorah shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
80 Kyle Schorah forces keeper into a great save!
80* Penalty conceded by Damani Holness bringing down Trialist
79* GOAL! Scored by Scott Sephton with a header! - Assist by Krisel Prifti
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
75 Corner sent too far
75 Corner for AFC Liverpool
72* Foul by Ben Woods on Phil Heron
70 Foul just outside the box by Jay Howell on Mike Burke
69 Williams initial shot deflected with an arm, penalty... Decent stop the followup shot wide
69* Anthony Williams shoots wide!
68* Krisel Prifti sees his shot saved
68 Penalty conceded by Marc Stephens
68* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
67* Krisel Prifti shoots over
65 Phil Heron shoots narrowly wide
61 Another good cross from the other wing and an equaliser
61* GOAL! Scored by Mike Burke! - Assist by Krisel Prifti
61* Krisel Prifti puts in a good cross
59 Great cross for Celtic goal
59* GOAL! Scored by Scott Sephton! - Assist by Ben Woods
59* Ben Woods puts in a good cross
58* Foul by Luke Barlow on Anthony Lyons
57* Foul by Matty Makinson on Fidan Hadjari
55* Luke Barlow clears corner
55 Corner for AFC Liverpool
51 Foul just outside the box by Phil Heron on Lewis Salmon
49* Mike Burke volleys wide!
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
44* Foul by Anthony Williams on Fidan Hadjari
43 Corner for AFC Liverpool
41 Lee McConchie clears corner
41* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
38* Lewis Salmon heads wide!
33 Foul by Jay McGraine on Anthony Williams
30 Really well worked goal, nice interchange left Celtic massively exposed at the back
30 GOAL! Scored by Jay McGraine! - Assist by Callum Schorah
26* Foul by Damani Holness on Jay Howell
22* Foul by Lewis Salmon on Marc Stephens
21* Foul by Mike Burke on Brad Owens
20 Foul by Phil Heron on Anthony Williams
15* Foul by Lewis Salmon on Fidan Hadjari
13 Foul by Jay Howell on Krisel Prifti
11 Cross lifted in, deflected behind the defense and AFC Liverpool open the scoring
11 GOAL! Scored by Callum Schorah! - Assist by Phil Heron
8 Foul by Brad Owens on Damani Holness
6 Callum Schorah forces keeper into a great save straight from the free kick!
6* Foul just outside the box by Ben Woods on Kyle Schorah
2* Damani Holness clears corner
1 Corner for AFC Liverpool
1 Kick off - AFC Liverpool
AFC Liverpool
1Potter, Day  
2Heron, Phil  
3Owens, Brad  
4Stephens, Marc  
5Hadjari, Fidan  
6McConchie, Lee  
7McGraine, Jay  
8Howell, Jay  
9Lyons, Anthony  
10Schorah, Callum  
11Schorah, Kyle  
12Speed, Mike  
15Jones, Mike  
16Parr, Sonny