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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Atherton restored their three goal cushion with a decent finish
90 GOAL! Scored by Iwan Murray! - Assist by Ben Conway
90 Foul by Jordan Cover on Max Taylor
90 Corner for Atherton Collieries
90 Attendance: 106
90 4 added minutes
90 Sub: Iwan Murray for Ben Conway
88* Scott Bakkor shoots over
88* Alfons Fosu-Mensah's shot pushed round the post: corner
86 Dan Lafferty clears corner
86* Adam O'Reilly's shot deflected for a corner by Ben Conway
86* Corner cleared for another corner
86* Corner cleared for another corner
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
84 Foul just outside the box by Gareth Peet on Adam O'Reilly
81* Yellow card for Max Taylor
81* Foul just outside the box by Max Taylor on Ben Conway
80* Scott Bakkor shoots over
80 Foul by Ashley Dunn on Adam O'Reilly
79* Yellow card for Scott Bakkor
79* Foul just outside the box by Scott Bakkor on Dylan Glass
75 Dent pulls one back after several attempts by the Celts to force the ball in, finishing with a low strike through a crowd
75* GOAL! Scored by Ross Dent! - Assist by Alfons Fosu-Mensah
72* Ross Dent heads over
72* Declan Walker's free kick pushed round the post: corner
72 Foul just outside the box by Ben Conway on Adam O'Reilly
70 Sub: Jordan Cover for Louis Myers
69 Foul by Louis Myers on Declan Walker
68* Foul by Ross Dent on Gareth Peet
68 Foul by Ben Conway on Ross Dent
67* Foul by Declan Walker on Louis Myers
67* Chris Holroyd heads but it is an easy save
66* Goal disallowed as Chris Holroyd was offside
65* Max Taylor's header deflected for a corner by Gareth Peet
64 Foul just outside the box by Danny OBrien on Scott Metcalfe
63* Sub: Ross Dent for Harry Freedman
63 Louis Myers caught offside
62 Sub: Dylan Glass for Tom Bentham
57* Chris Holroyd shoots narrowly wide
56* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Ashley Dunn
55 Corner wasted
54 Corner for Atherton Collieries
53* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Danny OBrien
52* Harry Freedman shoots wide!
50* Anthony Whitehead shoots wide!
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Alfons Fosu-Mensah for Jonathan Ustabasi
45* Sub: Declan Walker for Kallum Mantack
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Louis Myers on Max Taylor
40* Corner sent too far
40* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
36 Great cross planted header to increase Athertons lead
36 GOAL! Scored by Louis Myers with a header! - Assist by Danny OBrien
34 Ben Conway shoots wide!
32 Louis Myers shot blocked on route to goal by Anthony Whitehead
32 Corner for Atherton Collieries
27 Louis Myers caught offside
26 Corner sent too far
26 Corner for Atherton Collieries
24 Rocket of a free kick!
24 GOAL! Scored by Gareth Peet straight from the free kick!
24* Foul just outside the box by Max Taylor on Tom Bentham
23 Corner sent too far
23 Corner for Atherton Collieries
20 Matt Makinson shoots over
19* Foul just outside the box by Jonathan Ustabasi on Danny OBrien
18* Scott Bakkor caught offside
16 Powered in onto a decent corner to open the scoring.
16 GOAL! Scored by Matt Makinson with a header!
15 Corner for Atherton Collieries
12* Harry Freedman puts in a good cross
11* Anthony Whitehead clears corner
11 Corner for Atherton Collieries
10 Tom Bentham caught offside
9* Corner wasted
9* Corner cleared for another corner
8* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
8* Adam O'Reilly puts in a good cross
6* Adam O'Reilly shoots narrowly wide
1 Kick off - Atherton Collieries
Stalybridge Celtic
1FojtƭĨek, Alex  
2Mantack, Kallum  > 45
3Metcalfe, Scott  
4Whitehead, Anthony  
5Taylor, MaxYellow Card 
6Smalley, Chris  
7Bakkor, ScottYellow Card 
8O'Reilly, Adam  
9Holroyd, Chris  
10Ustabasi, Jonathan  > 45
11Freedman, Harry  > 63
12Walker, Declan  < 45
14Dent, Ross  < 63
15Lacey, Patrick  
16Fosu-Mensah, Alfons  < 45
17Walker, Ethan