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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90* Yellow card for Liam MacDevitt
90* Foul by Liam MacDevitt on Dontai Gabidon
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
83* Handball by Declan Walker
82* Sub: Liam MacDevitt for Neil Kengni
82* Sub: Mark Lees for Anthony Whitehead
81 Foul by Curtis Miller on Chris Smalley
80* Harry Freedman shoots wide!
79 Attendance: 147
78 Yellow card for Max Harrop
78 Foul by Max Harrop on Declan Walker
78* Harry Freedman shoots wide!
76 Foul by Max Harrop on Neil Kengni
75 Sub: Raheem Mercurious for Billy Matthews
75* Foul by Harry Freedman on Connor Hampson
74 Luke Wall shoots narrowly wide
72 Jack Ryan caught offside
71* Foul by Declan Walker on Billy Matthews
70 Curtis Miller caught offside
66* Yellow card for Stephen O'Halloran
66* Foul by Stephen O'Halloran on Callum Graham
65* Anthony Whitehead with a shot from distance over
64* Sub: Harry Freedman for Darius Osei
62* Neil Kengni shoots over
60 Foul by Callum Graham on Kallum Mantack
58* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Connor Hampson
58 Foul by Curtis Miller on Ross Dent
57* Foul by Neil Kengni on Toby Mullarkey
57 Foul by Max Harrop on Scott Bakkor
56* Darius Osei caught offside
54* Foul by Stephen O'Halloran on Luke Wall
54 Luke Wall caught offside
52 Foul by Jack Ryan on Scott Bakkor
51* Chris Smalley header hits the woodwork and out!
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
50* Foul by Ross Dent on Max Harrop
48* Foul by Anthony Whitehead on Toby Mullarkey
47* Jonathan Ustabasi caught offside
46 Foul by Max Harrop on Darius Osei
46 Kick off - Altrincham
45 Half Time
45* Declan Walker shoots narrowly wide
43* Declan Walker shoots well wide!
42* Foul by Anthony Whitehead on Simon Richman
40 Jack Ryan with a shot from distance but it is an easy save
39 Goalkeeper clearance Kengni intercepted and it bounced in!
39* GOAL! Scored by Neil Kengni!
39 Dontai Gabidon sees his shot saved
37* Foul by Anthony Whitehead on Jack Ryan
36 Good skill by Ustabasi and finds Osei at the back post
36* GOAL! Scored by Darius Osei! - Assist by Jonathan Ustabasi
31* Darius Osei shoots wide!
31* Jonathan Ustabasi caught offside
28 Foul by Luke Wall on Kallum Mantack
26 Simon Richman sees his shot saved
25 Jack Ryan shoots into the keeper's arms
24* Chris Smalley caught offside
24 Foul by Toby Mullarkey on Darius Osei
22* Kallum Mantack clears corner
22 Corner for Altrincham
21* Foul by Darius Osei on Callum Graham
19 Billy Matthews caught offside
19* Foul by Anthony Whitehead on Jack Ryan
18 Foul by Simon Richman on Neil Kengni
17 Simon Richman clears corner
16* Corner cleared for another corner
16* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
14* Foul by Ross Dent on Connor Hampson
14* Jonathan Ustabasi sees his shot saved
13* Declan Walker shoots well over the bar
12 Handball by Connor Hampson
9 Foul by Max Harrop on Scott Bakkor
3* Foul by Ross Dent on Billy Matthews
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
1Torrance, Joel  
2Graham, Callum  
3Gabidon, Dontai  
4Mullarkey, Toby  
5Hampson, Connor  
6Harrop, MaxYellow Card 
7Wall, Luke  
8Richman, Simon  
9Ryan, Jack  
10Miller, Curtis  
11Matthews, Billy  > 75
12Taylor, Dre  
14Mercurious, Raheem  < 75
15Matthews, James  
16Howarth, George  
17Blackburn, Liam