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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Attendance: 409
90 Foul by Gary Gee on James Caton
90* Foul by Scott Bakkor on Ash Young
90 3 added minutes
90 Sub: Nico De Girolamo for Brad Grayson
90* Foul by Neil Kengni on Tom Dean
87 Gary Gee clears corner
87* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
86 Diego De Girolamo clears corner
86* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
85 Yellow card for Josh Meade
84 Foul by Josh Meade on Scott Bakkor
83 Diego De Girolamo caught offside
80* Sub: James Caton for Chris Sharp
78* Greg Wilkinson shoots over
78* Liam Tongue forces keeper into a great save!
77 Short pass in the box, Bakkor an inch away from converting
75 Sub: Tyrell McKenzie for Jude Oyibo
73* Chris Sharp caught offside
73* Liam Tongue sees his distance saved
71* Sub: Greg Wilkinson for Matthew Wolfenden
69* Corner caught by the keeper
69* Corner cleared for another corner
69* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
68* Neil Kengni puts in a good cross
65* Handball by Glenn Rule
62 Sub: Diego De Girolamo for Callum Chippendale
57 Callum Chippendale caught offside
55* Sub: Neil Kengni for Ross Dent
53* Foul by Ross Dent on Josh Meade
52 Callum Chippendale shoots well over the bar
51 Gary Gee clears corner
51* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
49 Foul by Jude Oyibo on Michael Clarke
47 Handball by Brad Grayson
46* Foul by Scott Wilson on Scott Sephton
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
41 Foul by Tom Dean on Patrick Wharton
41 Corner for Buxton
40* Foul by Michael Clarke on Callum Chippendale
39 Brad Grayson caught offside
36* Foul by Scott Wilson on Jude Oyibo
34 Oli Roberts shoots well over the bar
32* Chris Sharp's header blocked on the line by Tom Dean
31 Callum Chippendale caught offside
27 Foul by Ash Young on Scott Bakkor
25 Jude Oyibo shoots well over the bar
24 Gary Gee clears corner
24* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
23* Matthew Wolfenden clears corner
23 Corner for Buxton
22* Foul by Chris Smalley on Callum Chippendale
16 Foul by Brad Grayson on Danny Brady
13 Oli Roberts with a free kick well over the bar
13* Foul by Scott Wilson on Callum Chippendale
11* Matthew Wolfenden shoots narrowly wide
9 Foul by Tom Dean on Chris Sharp
8* Chris Sharp shoots wide!
6* Matthew Wolfenden caught offside
5 Brad Grayson caught offside
3 Foul by Brad Grayson on Scott Wilson
3* Foul just outside the box by Scott Bakkor on Jude Oyibo
3* Matthew Wolfenden clears corner
3 Corner for Buxton
1* Matthew Wolfenden caught offside
1 Kick off - Buxton
1Roberts, Theo  
2Young, Ash  
3Meade, JoshYellow Card 
4Sephton, Scott  
5Young, Greg  
6Dean, Tom  
7Roberts, Oli  
8Gee, Gary  
9Grayson, Brad  > 90
10Chippendale, Callum  > 62
11Oyibo, Jude  > 75
12De Girolamo, Diego  < 62
14De Girolamo, Nico  < 90
15McKenzie, Tyrell  < 75
16Omotola, Tolani  
17Phillips, Paul