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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Yellow card for Harry Benns
90 Foul by Harry Benns on Neil Kengni
90 Kengni chased, Keeper came out and was lobbed
90* GOAL! Scored by Neil Kengni! - Assist by Joshua Solomon-Davies
90 5 added minutes
89 Attendance: 247
88 Sub: Lewis Banks for Theo Bailey-Jones
81 Harry Benns shoots but it is an easy save
78* Ross Dent heads wide!
78* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
77 Foul just outside the box by Luke Jones on Neil Kengni
76 Sub: Jack Sherratt for Joe Cuff
75* Andrew Scott clears corner
75 Corner for Stafford Rangers
72* GOAL! Scored by Andrew Scott straight from the free kick!
72 Foul by Joe Cuff on Neil Kengni
69 Sub: Harry Benns for Andy Haworth
69* Andrew Scott with a shot from distance narrowly wide
67* Sub: Greg Wilkinson for Liam Tongue
66 Tom Thorley clears corner
66* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
64 Foul by Josh Green on Scott Bakkor
62 Foul by Dan Burns on Neil Kengni
61 Tom Thorley clears corner
60* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
57 Bundled in, looked like Turner had kept it out.
57 GOAL! Scored by Luke Jones! - Assist by Theo Bailey-Jones
55* Scott Bakkor shoots wide!
51 Corner sent too far
51 Corner for Stafford Rangers
46* Andrew Scott clears corner
46 Corner for Stafford Rangers
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45* Sub: Michael Jones for Jamal Crawford
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Tom Thorley on Andrew Scott
45 Jake Charles shoots well over the bar
43 Andrai Jones forces keeper into a great save with a header!
43 Corner for Stafford Rangers
41 Low cross from Cuff, Charles an inch away sliding
40* Liam Tongue clears corner
40 Corner for Stafford Rangers
40 Andy Haworth sees his shot saved
39 Theo Bailey-Jones shoots into the keeper's arms
36* Foul by Andrew Scott on Joe Cuff
35 Andy Haworth shoots over
33 Foul by Andy Haworth on Neil Kengni
30* Yellow card for Ross Dent
30* Foul by Ross Dent on Tom Thorley
29 Jake Charles's shot deflected for a corner by Chris Smalley
29 Theo Bailey-Jones puts in a good cross
27 Foul by Dan Burns on Ross Dent
27 Foul by Joe Cuff on Joshua Solomon-Davies
26* Ross Dent clears corner
26 Joe Cuff's shot deflected for a corner by Joshua Solomon-Davies
24* Elliott Cooke puts in a good cross
23 Handball by Josh Green
21 Andrai Jones shoots over
20 Foul by Tom Thorley on Andrew Scott
18* Scott Bakkor caught offside
18* Neil Kengni's shot deflected for a corner by Sam Coulson
12 Good cross and a free header
12 GOAL! Scored by Theo Bailey-Jones with a header! - Assist by Joe Cuff
5* Liam Tongue with a free kick narrowly wide
5 Foul just outside the box by Tom Thorley on Andrew Scott
5 Foul by Theo Bailey-Jones on Scott Bakkor
3* Liam Tongue clears corner
3 Corner for Stafford Rangers
2 Tom Thorley with a shot from distance wide!
1 Kick off - Stafford Rangers
Stafford Rangers
1Sykes-Kenworthy, George  
2Coulson, Sam  
3Green, Josh  
4Jones, Luke  
5Burns, Dan  
6Jones, Andrai  
7Bailey-Jones, Theo  > 88
8Thorley, Tom  
9Charles, Jake  
10Haworth, Andy  > 69
11Cuff, Joe  > 76
12Benns, HarryYellow Card < 69
14Banks, Lewis  < 88
15Sherratt, Jack  < 76
16Askey, James  
17Whitehouse, Adam