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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Couldnt clear ball blocked on route twice coming to 7 who fed Hearn to curl through a crowd
90 GOAL! Scored by Liam Hearn! - Assist by Andy Monkhouse
90* Foul by Jude Oyibo on Terry Kennedy
90* Sub: Jude Oyibo for Aidan Chippendale
88* Aidan Chippendale shoots over
88* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
86* Sub: Aaron Chalmers for Darren McKnight
85* Liam Dickinson forces keeper into a great save!
84 Adam Priestley caught offside
83* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
80 Sub: Paul Clayton for Craig Westcarr
79* Danny Wilkins caught offside
78* Danny Wilkins sees his shot saved
77 Foul just outside the box by Terry Kennedy on Liam Dickinson
76 Foul just outside the box by Terry Kennedy on Aidan Chippendale
75 Sub: Liam Hearn for Sam Smith
75 Sub: Adam Priestley for Tom Allan
75* Foul by Danny Wilkins on Andy Monkhouse
74 Foul by Tom Allan on Adam Mather
72* Danny Wilkins forces keeper into a great save!
70* Aidan Chippendale shoots over
69 Tom Allan caught offside
68 Tom Allan caught offside
68* Liam Dickinson caught offside
67 Foul by Kallum Mantack on Brian Summerskill
65 Perfect thru ball from Dicko Chippendale equalises
65* GOAL! Scored by Aidan Chippendale! - Assist by Liam Dickinson
60* Sub: Danny Wilkins for Scott Spencer
60* Sub: Danny Wilkins for Scott Spencer
60* Aidan Chippendale shoots over
60* Danny Morton shoots but it is an easy save
59* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
56* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Brad McGowan
54 Corner for Alfreton Town
53 Great strike by Chip diverted by Spencer
53* GOAL! Scored by Scott Spencer! - Assist by Aidan Chippendale
53 Foul by Sam Smith on Danny Morton
52 Foul just outside the box by Andy Monkhouse on Brian Summerskill
51 Attendance 456
51 Tom Allan caught offside
49 Craig Westcarr sees his shot saved
48* Scott Spencer caught offside
46* Scott Spencer heads over
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45* Gary Gee shoots wide!
45 McMillan came for a loose ball. Smith got there first and lobbed him
45 GOAL! Scored by Sam Smith!
45 Tom Allan caught offside
42* Liam Dickinson shoots narrowly wide
42 Handball by Terry Kennedy
41 Corner for Alfreton Town
38 Sam Smith shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
33* Goal disallowed as Brian Summerskill was offside
30 Foul by Sam Smith on Liam Dickinson
29* Brian Summerskill clears corner
28 Corner for Alfreton Town
27* Foul by Liam Dickinson on Brad McGowan
26* Brian Summerskill shoots over
21* Yellow card for Tony McMillan
21* Nick Ryan heads narrowly wide
21 Foul just outside the box by Tom Allan on Liam Dickinson
20 McMillan tried to take at feet and spilled Westarr slotted in from an angle
20 GOAL! Scored by Craig Westcarr!
18 Craig Westcarr caught offside
17 Foul by Tom Allan on Aidan Chippendale
14 Sam Smith caught offside
12 Craig Westcarr shoots but it is an easy save
10* Foul by Darren McKnight on Craig Westcarr
8* Scott Spencer caught offside
7 Craig Westcarr caught offside
6 Foul by Andy Monkhouse on Aidan Chippendale
4* Corner sent too far
4* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
3 Foul by Brad McGowan on Liam Dickinson
1* Brian Summerskill shoots wide!
1 Tom Allan shoots but it is an easy save
1 Kick off - Alfreton Town
Alfreton Town
1Speiss, Fabian  
2Wilson. Ryan  
3Kennedy, Terry  
4Mantack, Kallum  
5McGowan, Brad  
6Edmundson, Sam  
7Monkhouse, Andy  
8Nyoni, Cecil  
9Allan, Tom  > 75
10Westcarr, Craig  > 80
11Smith, Sam  > 75
12Priestley, Adam  < 75
14Clayton, Paul  < 80
15Hearn, Liam  < 75
16Marshall, Paul  
17Heaton, Niall