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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Dave Hibbert caught offside
90* Foul by Kurt Sherlock on Ben Bailey
90 Gianluca Havern sees his shot saved
90 Corner for AFC Telford
90 Josh Wilson sees his shot saved
88 Foul by Dave Hibbert on Graham Kelly
87 Long ball Macca lobbed
87 GOAL! Scored by Dave Hibbert! - Assist by James Montgomery
84* Aaron Chalmers volleys wide!
84* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
83 Sub: Ben Bailey for Tom Peers
83 Dave Hibbert shoots but it is an easy save
81 Keeper takes the ball at Tom Peers's feet
81 Foul just outside the box by Darren Campon on Kurt Sherlock
80 Danny Reynolds sees his shot saved
73* Tony McMillan clears corner
73 Corner for AFC Telford
71* Sub: Henoc Mukendi for Steve Tames
70 Foul by Dave Hibbert on Nick Ryan
67 Foul by Danny Reynolds on Nick Ryan
66* Sub: Kurt Sherlock for Andy Owens
65 Attendance 1014
65 Tom Peers heads over
65* Foul just outside the box by Adam Farrell on Lucas Dawson
63* Andy Owens heads wide!
62* Aaron Chalmers shoots but it is an easy save
61 Sub: Danny Reynolds for Micah Evans
61* Sub: Peter Wylie for Kristian Platt
60* Foul by Steve Tames on Gianluca Havern
60 Micah Evans shoots wide!
59 Dave Hibbert caught offside
58 Break away. Long ball one on one and Macca lobbed
58 GOAL! Scored by Tom Peers! - Assist by Callum Gittings
57* Liam Hynes clears corner
57 Corner for AFC Telford
56* Matty Hughes heads over
56 Foul just outside the box by Gianluca Havern on Andy Owens
54 Dave Hibbert shoots but it is an easy save
51* Foul by Andy Owens on Dwayne Samuels
50* Foul by Andy Owens on Gianluca Havern
49 Josh Wilson shoots narrowly wide
47 Foul by Lucas Dawson on Liam Hynes
46* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Micah Evans on Aaron Chalmers
44* Foul by Liam Hynes on Lucas Dawson
40 Tom Peers heads wide!
40 Corner for AFC Telford
39* Foul by Matty Hughes on Micah Evans
38 Dan Preston clears corner
38* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
37 Foul just outside the box by Dan Preston on Steve Tames
36* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Callum Gittings
35 Foul by Dave Hibbert on Graham Kelly
33 Foul by Darren Campon on Andy Owens
32 Josh Wilson forces keeper into a great save!
30* Handball by Andy Owens
29* Andy Owens shoots narrowly wide
28* Kristian Platt clears corner
28 Corner for AFC Telford
26 Foul by Dave Hibbert on Matty Hughes
22* Matty Hughes clears corner
22 Corner for AFC Telford
21* Foul by Adam Farrell on Dan Preston
17* Steve Tames shoots well over the bar
14* Nick Ryan clears corner
14 Corner for AFC Telford
12 Sub: Callum Gittings for Jack Rea
10 Tom Peers shoots well wide!
10 Tom Peers shoots but it is an easy save
7 Dan Preston shoots into the keeper's arms
7* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Dan Preston
4 Tom Peers shoots wide!
4* Adam Farrell shoots over
2* Danny Wisdom caught offside
1 Kick off - AFC Telford
Stalybridge Celtic
1McMillan, Tony  
2Chalmers, Aaron  
3Kelly, Graham  
4Hughes, Matty  
5Ryan, Nick  
6Platt, Kristian  > 61
7Hynes, Liam  
8Wisdom, Danny  
9Owens, Andy  > 66
10Farrell, Adam  
11Tames, Steve  > 71
12Wylie, Peter  < 61
14Mukendi, Henoc  < 71
15Pilkington, Danny  
16Sherlock, Kurt  < 66
17Bagshaw, Callum