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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Nathan Jarman's shot deflected for a corner
90* Yellow card for John Shaw
90* Foul just outside the box by John Shaw on Marc Newsham
90 3 added minutes
89 Foul by Adam Quinn on Chris Simm
88* Jack Higgins heads wide!
88* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
87 Marc Newsham caught offside
86* Yellow card for Dale Wright
85 Liam Davis clears corner
85* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
84 Marc Newsham caught offside
80 Adam Quinn clears corner
80* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
76* John Shaw shoots into the keeper's arms
76* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
75 Budtz clawed the ball off Simms head and the loose ball hacked off the line
75* Chris Simm forces keeper into a great save!
74 Yellow card for Elliot Hodge
74 Foul by Elliot Hodge on Ben McKenna
72* Jack Higgins heads wide!
72* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
69 Sub: Marc Newsham for Craig Reid
69 Sub: Elliot Hodge for Jamie Yates
66* Yellow card for Jack Higgins
66* Foul just outside the box by Jack Higgins on Nathan Jarman
65* John Shaw clears corner
65 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
64* Foul by Jack Higgins on Craig Reid
60 Dominic Roma clears corner
60* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
58* Sub: Steve Tames for Adam Farrell
56* Chris Simm caught offside
53* Chris Simm caught offside
52* Adam Farrell clears corner
52 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
52* Foul by Adam Farrell on Jonathon D`Laryea
50 Josh Lacey caught offside
50 Corner for Gainsborough Trinity
49* Corner sent too far
49* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
48* Chris Simm shoots into the side netting!
47 Liam Davis clears corner
47 Liam Davis clears corner
47* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
46 Kick off - Gainsborough Trinity
45 Attendance 448
45 Half Time
45* Chris Simm caught offside
45* Foul by Peter Wylie on Liam Davis
38* Foul by Danny Wisdom on Jamie Yates
36* Jack Higgins heads wide!
36* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
34* Foul by Peter Wylie on Nathan Jarman
32 Foul by Adam Quinn on Charlie Joyce
29* Chris Simm caught offside
28* Corner sent too far
28* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
27 Foul by Adam Quinn on Chris Simm
23* Adam Farrell shoots wide!
22 Craig Reid shot hits the woodwork and is cleared
17* Foul by Chris Simm on Josh Lacey
15 Foul by Nathan Jarman on Jack Higgins
12* Foul by Ben McKenna on Jonathon D`Laryea
6* Chris Simm volleys over
4* Chris Simm caught offside
2* Foul by Jack Higgins on Dominic Roma
2* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Gainsborough Trinity
1Budtz, Jan  
2Roma, Dominic  
3Lacey, Josh  
4D`Laryea, Jonathon  
5Quinn, Adam  
6Picton, Jake  
7Yates, Jamie  > 69
8Russell, Simon  
9Reid, Craig  > 69
10Jarman, Nathan  
11Davis, Liam  
12Stamp, Darryn  
14Binns, Charlie  
15Hodge, ElliotYellow Card < 69
16Newsham, Marc  < 69
17Hedge, Jonathon