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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Tom Rutter shoots wide!
90 Corner for Warrington Town
90 Connor Millington sees his shot saved
90 Robert Hardwick sees his shot saved
90* Foul by Craig Hobson
89* Connor Jennings sees his shot saved
88* GOAL! Scored by Phil Marsh!
88 Gavin Salmon sees his shot saved
86* Foul by Adam Kay
86* Foul by Phil Marsh
85 Foul by Tom Rutter
85 Sub: Connor Anderson for Adam Wade
82* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
82* Phil Marsh shot blocked on route to goal
81 Foul by Robert Hardwick
80* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
78* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
76* Foul by Craig Hobson
74 Sub: Anthony Hickey for Robert Hardwick
71* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
69* Sub: Adam Kay for Jack Rea
68 Foul by Connor Millington
66 Gavin Salmon caught offside
65 Yellow card for Adam Wade
65 Foul by Adam Wade
64* Callum Warburton sees his shot saved
63 Andrew Potter shoots wide!
62 Foul by Adam Wade
61 Adam Wade shoots wide!
61* Foul by Callum Warburton
59* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
59* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
57* GOAL! Scored by Phil Marsh!
56* Connor Jennings caught offside
54 Gavin Salmon caught offside
52* Foul by Greg Wilkinson
48 Foul by Robert Hardwick
46 Foul by Michael Duffy
46 Kick off - Warrington Town
45 Half Time
45 Chris Gaghan shoots wide!
45* GOAL! Scored by Craig Hobson!
42* Alan White shot blocked on route to goal
42 Yellow card for Tom Hardwick
42 Foul by Tom Hardwick
41* Craig Hobson shoots wide!
39 Yellow card for Robert Hardwick
39 Foul by Robert Hardwick
38* Yellow card for Andy McWilliams
38 Corner for Warrington Town
37* Foul by Greg Wilkinson
35* Foul by Craig Hobson
33 Gavin Salmon shoots wide!
32 Robert Hardwick caught offside
30* Foul by Connor Jennings
29* Phil Marsh shoots wide!
25 Chris Gaghan shoots wide!
23 GOAL! Scored by Tom Hardwick!
23* Foul by Glenn Rule
22 Foul by Adam Wade
22 Connor Millington sees his shot saved
20* Yellow card for Craig Hobson
20* Foul by Craig Hobson
18 Andrew Potter caught offside
17* Craig Hobson caught offside
16 Andrew Potter sees his shot saved
16* Foul by Greg Wilkinson
12* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
12 Foul by Michael Tomlinson
11* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
5 Chris Gaghan caught offside
4 Gavin Salmon shoots wide!
1 Foul by Michael Tomlinson
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Stalybridge Celtic
1Budtz, Jan  
2Rule, Glenn  
3McWilliams, AndyYellow Card 
4Bembo-Leta, Joel  
5White, Alan  
6Rea, Jack  > 69
7Jennings, Connor  
8Wilkinson, Greg  
9Marsh, Phil  
10Hobson, CraigYellow Card 
11Warburton, Callum  
12Kay, Adam  < 69
14Law, Graeme  
15Esdaille, Laquan  
16Sheriff, Dennis  
17Bembo Lita, Fabrice  
18Ellams, Lloyd