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Total Shots
On Target
Off Target
90 Full Time
90 Yellow card for Matt Bailey
90 Foul by Matt Bailey
90 Lee Stevenson caught offside
90* Sub: Adam Kay for Jack Rea
90 Foul by Matt Rhead
89 Corner for Eastwood Town
86* Stephen Brogan caught offside
85* Foul by Stephen Brogan
85* Craig Hobson caught offside
81 Lee Stevenson shoots wide!
81* Foul by Kristian Platt
79 Foul by Andy Todd
77 Yellow card for Lee Stevenson
76* GOAL! Scored by Craig Hobson!
76 Red card for Anton Foster
76 Foul by Anton Foster
74* Stephen Brogan sees his shot saved
74 Foul by Matt Bailey
72 Foul by Andy Todd
68* Rhys Meynell shoots wide!
68 Yellow card for Anton Foster
68 Foul by Anton Foster
67* Stephen Brogan caught offside
65 Matt Rhead shot hits the woodwork and out!
63 Foul by David Haggerty
60 Lindon Meikle caught offside
60* Craig Hobson shot hits the woodwork and out!
59* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
59 Foul by Michael Simpson
58* Sub: Phil Marsh for Lloyd Ellams
58* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
56 Foul by Matt Rhead
56* Foul by Tim Ryan
56* Lloyd Ellams shoots wide!
55 Lee Stevenson caught offside
54* Foul by Glenn Rule
50 Corner for Eastwood Town
50 Lindon Meikle shot blocked on route to goal
50 Corner for Eastwood Town
50* Sub: Glenn Rule for Joel Bembo-Leta
49 Michael Simpson sees his shot saved
49 Foul by Lindon Meikle
48* Foul by Callum Warburton
46 Andy Todd shoots wide!
46 Kick off - Eastwood Town
45 Sub: Chris Shaw for Peter Knox
45 Sub: Lindon Meikle for Paul Riley
45 Half Time
45 Foul by Peter Knox
44 Anton Foster shoots wide!
40 Matt Rhead caught offside
37* GOAL! Scored by Craig Hobson!
36* Foul by Connor Jennings
34 Yellow card for Peter Knox
34 Foul by Peter Knox
32* Connor Jennings shoots wide!
32* Lloyd Ellams sees his shot saved
32* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
31* Callum Warburton sees his shot saved
28* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
26* Foul by Jack Rea
25* Craig Hobson shot blocked on route to goal
25 Foul by Michael Simpson
21 GOAL! Scored by Peter Knox!
21* Yellow card for Tim Ryan
21* Foul by Tim Ryan
19* Foul by Lloyd Ellams
19 Foul by Matt Rhead
15 Foul by Lee Stevenson
14* Corner for Stalybridge Celtic
10* Craig Hobson sees his shot saved
10* Foul by Craig Hobson
9 Foul by Andy Todd
8 Foul by Peter Knox
4 Corner for Eastwood Town
4* Foul by Tim Ryan
1* Foul by Connor Jennings
1* Kick off - Stalybridge Celtic
Eastwood Town
1Danby, John  
2Bailey, MattYellow Card 
3Riley, Paul  > 45
4Simpson, Michael  
5Haggerty, David  
6Hawes, Adie  
7Foster, AntonRed Card 
8Stevenson, LeeYellow Card 
9Knox, PeterYellow Card > 45
10Rhead, Matt  
11Todd, Andy  
12Muller, Adam  
14DLaryea, Jon  
15Shaw, Chris  < 45
16Bailey, Markell  
17Meikle, Lindon  < 45