Player Profile - Colin Potts (17th Aug 2002 - 1st Jun 2004)
Colin is the son of Eric Potts the 60's Preston player. He joined his local side Chorley, and some might say his leaving was the end of the club, but he'd been offered a place at Rochdale, and took the chance to move up in the world. Dogged by one or two injuries he joined Conference side Morecambe, but failed to make an impact and moved across the county to Bamber Bridge, before joining Lancaster. It was said at Lancaster that they never lost a game when Colin was playing. Wanting bigger and better things, Colin moved on to Northwich Victoria, but finished the season in Celtic colours again. For the start of the 2004/05 season, Colin elected to rejoin his frined Marcus Hallows at Altrincham.
26th Feb 1978
17th Aug 2002
1st Jun 2004
Last App
24th Apr 2004
Last Goal
16th Mar 2004
As Sub
Subbed off
Red Cards
Yellow Cards
134 / 243
Average Points
Total Pitch Time
4580 mins
Date Opposition Competition Season H/A Score Lineups Goals Assists R Y Sub
Sat 24 April 2004BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H2-2     Subbed On
Sat 17 April 2004Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A3-0      
Wed 14 April 2004MarineBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H1-1     Subbed On
Mon 12 April 2004SouthportBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A2-3     Subbed On
Sat 10 April 2004Vauxhall MotorsBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H3-4     Subbed On
Sat 03 April 2004Harrogate TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A4-3      
Sat 20 March 2004Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H2-0     Subbed Off
Tue 16 March 2004MarineBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A0-2    Subbed Off
Sat 13 March 2004Spennymoor UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A1-3      
Tue 09 March 2004Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A2-1     
Sat 06 March 2004Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H1-3     Subbed Off
Tue 24 February 2004Worksop TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A2-1      
Sat 21 February 2004DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H2-1      
Tue 25 November 2003Prescot CablesUnibond Cup2003/2004H1-2     Subbed Off
Sat 22 November 2003Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A1-2     
Tue 18 November 2003BarnetFA Cup2003/2004H0-2      
Sat 15 November 2003RadcliffeBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H0-2      
Sat 25 October 2003Ossett AlbionFA Cup2003/2004A0-1      
Sat 18 October 2003Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H2-2     
Mon 13 October 2003DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A2-0      
Sat 11 October 2003Gedling TownFA Cup2003/2004A0-1      
Tue 07 October 2003Alfreton TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H3-0     
Sat 04 October 2003Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A0-2     
Tue 30 September 2003Guisborough TownFA Cup2003/2004H3-1     
Sat 27 September 2003Guisborough TownFA Cup2003/2004A2-2     
Tue 23 September 2003Hucknall TownBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H1-2     
Sat 20 September 2003Bradford Park AvenueBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A2-3     
Tue 16 September 2003AltrinchamCheshire Senior Cup2003/2004A0-2     Subbed Off
Sat 13 September 2003Spennymoor UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H0-2      
Sat 30 August 2003BurscoughBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A0-0      
Mon 25 August 2003Ashton UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H1-1      
Sat 23 August 2003BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A0-2     
Tue 19 August 2003RadcliffeBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004A3-2      
Sat 16 August 2003Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier2003/2004H2-0     
Wed 06 August 2003Hyde UnitedRay Stanley Memorial2003/2004A1-2     Subbed Off
Sat 26 April 2003Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H1-1      
Thu 24 April 2003Ashton UnitedPresidents Cup2002/2003A1-2      
Mon 21 April 2003DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-1     Subbed Off
Sat 19 April 2003Bradford Park AvenueBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A2-1     
Wed 16 April 2003BurscoughBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A0-1     Subbed Off
Sat 12 April 2003Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A0-1    Subbed Off
Sat 05 April 2003Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H3-1    Subbed Off
Tue 01 April 2003Vauxhall MotorsBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A2-1      
Sat 29 March 2003Ashton UnitedPresidents Cup2002/2003H4-2     
Tue 18 March 2003Frickley AthleticBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-0      
Sat 15 March 2003Hucknall TownBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H1-2     Subbed On
Wed 12 March 2003Runcorn FC HaltonPresidents Cup2002/2003A2-4     On @45mins
Tue 04 March 2003Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-1      
Sat 01 March 2003Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H0-1      
Sat 22 February 2003GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A0-1     Subbed Off
Sat 08 February 2003BurscoughBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H1-0     Subbed On
Sat 25 January 2003Colwyn BayPresidents Cup2002/2003H3-0     Subbed On
Tue 14 January 2003ScarboroughFA Trophy2002/2003H0-3     Off @70mins
Wed 01 January 2003Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H6-0     
Sat 28 December 2002Bradford Park AvenueBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-2      
Thu 26 December 2002Hyde UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A0-1      
Sat 14 December 2002AltrinchamBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-0      
Tue 10 December 2002WorkingtonPresidents Cup2002/2003H4-1    Off @60mins
Sat 07 December 2002Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-2     
Sat 30 November 2002Rothwell TownFA Trophy2002/2003H2-0      
Sat 23 November 2002Blyth SpartansBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-4    Subbed Off
Mon 18 November 2002MarineUnibond Cup2002/2003A2-0     Off @85mins
Sat 16 November 2002DroylsdenBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-1      
Wed 13 November 2002Accrington StanleyBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A4-1      
Sat 09 November 2002Worksop TownBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-1      
Tue 05 November 2002Gainsborough TrinityBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H3-0     Subbed Off
Sat 02 November 2002Wakefield EmleyBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H0-0      
Sat 19 October 2002GatesheadBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H4-4      
Sat 12 October 2002Lancaster CityBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H1-0     Subbed On
Tue 08 October 2002Harrogate TownBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H4-1     Subbed On
Sat 05 October 2002AltrinchamBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A3-3     Subbed Off
Tue 01 October 2002WorkingtonFA Cup2002/2003A3-1      
Sat 28 September 2002WorkingtonFA Cup2002/2003H2-2     
Tue 24 September 2002BarrowBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-0      
Sat 21 September 2002Whitby TownBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-0     Subbed Off
Sat 07 September 2002Accrington StanleyBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H1-4     Subbed Off
Tue 03 September 2002MarineBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-1     Subbed Off
Sat 31 August 2002Runcorn FC HaltonBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-0     Subbed On
Mon 26 August 2002Colwyn BayBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H3-1      
Sat 24 August 2002Ashton UnitedBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003A1-1     Subbed On
Sat 17 August 2002Vauxhall MotorsBetVictor Northern Premier2002/2003H2-2     Subbed Off
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