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Author: Michael Brierley - Sat 25 Mar 17

Back The ‘Bridge is an attempt to provide both a link between the fans and the Club and to act as a thinktank producing new and fresh ideas, whilst also providing practical help where possible.

The group was set up last season, via monthly meetings attended by the board, as a means for us, all together, to attain these goals and to achieve success and sustainability both on and off the pitch.

As fans, we all desire to see results achieved on the field and no doubt those two NPL titles and glorious days spent in the Conference are remembered with great fondness. To experience that again, if not progress further up the footballing ladder, has to be one of the decisive factors that makes us turn up week in, week out.

Football though, is increasingly governed by money and that’s why, with the increase in big backers plus those with greater resources, we have a greater need for outside income and revenue streams. Ways in which this can be achieved have to be looked at.

The recent announcement about exciting plans for the future should only help, rather than hinder us, in the long term. Leaving Bower Fold would be very sad for traditionalists but is perhaps the only way in which we can progress.

If the project is not financially viable then it’s a non starter but the prospect of either a new ground and bright future, or new clubhouse and community purpose building here at this fine stadium is something that the group will take a keen interest in.

Similarly, we need to be proactive in all areas of finance and sponsorship. Avenues that could be explored include stadium naming, solar panels in roofs, anything, maybe not traditional, can help. The shirt naming raffle, last season, was an excellent example of what can be achieved.

The whole ethos of hospitality is a vital source of income and a greater avenue to work down is from the excellent work carried out in the Executive Lounge. Many people enjoy a corporate day out, whilst fans and legends days have also, previously, proved popular. It is of great credit to all involved just what a good day out we have here and this is an area in which individuals or companies can be encouraged to take up full sponsorship programmes, via either match or pitch perimeter board packages.

If anything can work, within reason, it should be tried. Whilst things, sometimes, may seem slow moving, due to pressing firefighting concerns, please do get in touch with any ideas that can help. It is very much appreciated.

It is a key objective of the group that all fans should be made to feel part of the Club as a whole, both involved and informed and with an opportunity to voice their thoughts on the way forward. Communication, via the matchday programme and website, is vital to the efforts of the group both in terms of getting ideas and reporting back on progress made.

To get involved or to offer help then please contact or see Keith Smart (Chair) or Mike Brierley (Communications) at any game. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 19.30 in the Executive Lounge and all are welcome to attend.

Back The Bridge. Together, we are Stalybridge Celtic FC.

Back The ‘Bridge is a way for us to contribute to the life of Stalybridge Celtic FC, existing to produce results that benefit both the fans and the Club.

Back The ‘Bridge is a means of us all, fans and board together, achieving success and sustainability, both on and off the pitch, for Stalybridge Celtic FC, your Club.

Together, Back The ‘Bridge will do all it can to the benefit of Stalybridge Celtic FC and its fans, our Club.

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