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Back the Bridge
Author: Michael Brierley - Tue 24 Apr 18

Back The Bridge is a way for us to contribute to the life of Stalybridge Celtic FC, existing to produce results that benefit both the fans and the Club.

Back The Bridge is a means of us all, fans and board together, achieving success and sustainability, both on and off the pitch, for Stalybridge Celtic FC, your Club.

Together, Back The Bridge will do all it can to the benefit of Stalybridge Celtic FC and its fans, our Club.

Back The Bridge is a means for us, all together, to attain these goals, providing a link between the fans and the Club. It, via monthly meetings attended by the board, acts as a thinktank to produce new and fresh ideas, whilst providing practical help where possible.

The group has, this season, been involved in wide discussions over the future, made positive proposals over ways in which attendances and revenue can be increased and provided practical help, on matchdays, to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. In addition, there has been the hosting of community and social activities and significant donations made, in order to boost our Club and its facilities.

The main focus, though, has always revolved around the bigger picture, a new clubhouse being key to that. Despite best efforts and remedial spruce work to internal fixtures and fitting, providing a more pleasing and comfortable environment in the interim, the long term aim and original plan remains. That a new structure, complete with community and banqueting suite, comes to fruition.

Today, new avenues, whilst time consuming, are being considered and redevelopment of existing assets, alongside original plans, can enhance revenue and profile. The ideal being to satisfy the desire to be an integral part of the local community, one in which we can bring all aspects of our family together.

Of course, anything that creates an atmosphere to showcase activities and sell our product, discounted entry provided regular fans are not disadvantaged an example, encouraging people to return can only be beneficial. It is therefore crucial to offer something that represents a good day out and opens ourself up to a greater audience, encouraging goodwill, showing we have the interests of the community at heart, as well as ourselves.

Communication is key, whether via the programme, website or word of mouth. The one Club mentality is a positive way forward in terms of progress made. The group commit to this and keeping all fully informed, not only to bridge the gap but to be part of a vision that benefits us all.

Our collective input can make a difference and whether by bringing in sponsors, giving time and skills, asking someone that can, supporting events, taking advantage of season ticket offers or simply coming in through the turnstiles then you are doing your bit. Thank you.

The need for more practical help and ideas is always there, we must sweat the asset that is Stalybridge Celtic. Thanks though, as always, must go to all those involved in the group and the board for their valuable input and contributions. It is always a pleasing and positive sign to see progress being made in line with the one goal, that of sustainability and success, both on and off the pitch, at all times.

To get involved or to offer help then please contact or see Mike Brierley, Keith Smart or Steve Tate at any game. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at 19.30 in the Executive Lounge and all are welcome to attend.

Back The Bridge. Together, we are Stalybridge Celtic FC.

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