Buffalo Club

The Buffalo Club has been steadily providing funds for strengthening the team since 2004.

The Buffalo Club (so called because Buffalo was the nick name of Chris Camden [nottom right in the picture] and he was a player that made a real difference in his one season with us) is a fundraising scheme whereby supporters pledge whatever funds they can afford and the money raised goes directly to the manager to assist in the recruitment of playing talent.

This pot is additional to the wage-bill provided by the Club itself and helps for example to bridge any short fall when a special player becomes available. We know that the Buffalo Club has assisted in the signing of quality players.

Remember, every penny provided will go to the manager and will assist him in improving the quality of the Celtic side we all watch on a weekly basis. Please sign up as soon as you can because the sooner you join, the sooner we can see the benefit of those extra funds transferred successfully onto the field.

So please pledge whatever you can afford - it really does make a difference.

For more information, see Paul Cannings, Phil Hall, Peter Hoctor.

To the right, there is a link to a standing order mandate form that you can take to your bank, or use in online banking.

Standing Order Mandate
Rules and Regulations - last updated 30 June 2004
  1. The name of the organisation is 'The Buffalo Club', hereinafter referred to as 'The Club'.
  2. The sole objective of The Club is the improvement of the playing staff at Stalybridge Celtic F.C., hereinafter referred to as ‘The Football Club,’ by the provision of funds. Any monies provided by The Club will be used by The Manager of Stalybridge Celtic F.C., hereinafter referred to as ‘The Manager,’ to supplement the weekly wage bill available for the payment of players or transfer fees paid for the recruitment of players. Monies are not to be used to make up the weekly wage bill to a level already agreed between the Board of Directors of Stalybridge Celtic F.C., hereinafter referred to as ‘The Board,’ and The Manager. Monies cannot be used for player signing on fees or the general running expenses of The Football Club. 
  3. A committee, hereinafter referred to as The Committee, will administer the Club. The Committee shall consist of four (4) members; one shall be a member of The Board, one shall be a member of The Supporters Association and there will be two other members. From within its ranks The Committee shall elect a Chairman and a Secretary; the Chairman, or The Board’s representative on The Committee, shall report to The Board on behalf of The Committee and The Secretary shall handle all the administration of The Club. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that all monies transferred to The Football Club are spent in accordance with The Club’s rules and regulations.
  4. The Committee shall meet at least once per quarter; more regular meetings can be held at the discretion of The Committee. At least two members of The Committee shall be present to constitute a quorum.
  5. Involvement in The Club is by payment of a monthly subscription by standing order in to The Club’s bank account. Money transfers will be implemented within seven (7) days of the start of the calendar month. Monies will only be transferred during the months August through to April inclusive, a total of nine months. Once the April transfer has been effected, the standing order will be considered complete. It is envisaged that once people agree to contribute to The Club they will see through their financial commitment to the end of the agreed term. Details of the contributors to The Club shall be known only to The Committee; no publicity will be sought by the contributors, nor given by The Committee. The identity of the contributors shall not be revealed to any third party except with the written permission of said contributor.
  6. The contributors to The Club will expect to gain no advantage, either financial or in kind, except at the discretion of The Board.
  7. The recommended minimum monthly subscription is twenty pounds (GBP20.00.) There is no upper limit on the monthly subscription. Individual or occasional contributions from people who are not regular donators are welcome.
  8. On the first working day of each month, seventy-five percent (75%) of the funds in the account will be transferred to the bank account of The Football Club. Extra-ordinary payments can be made at the discretion of The Committee, agreed upon by majority vote. Payments will be made by cheque. Two signatures from any of the four current members of The Committee are required to authorise any payments.
  9. The Football Club’s auditors will annually audit The Clubs accounts. The audit will be at the expense of The Board.
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